Monday, December 10, 2012

The Real Deal.

You know you're the parent to young kids when you think of Santa Claus and in your head you hear Goofy saying "Santeeeee Claus", like in Mickey Once Upon a Christmas!
So after much effort and driving & waiting the kids were able to see the "official" Santa at the Northwoods Mall last night. And it was worth the effort,  just in case you didn't know, because the mall Santa, well he's the real one. That's why he looks so exhausted. He works all day at the mall & flies to the North Pole every night to monitor progress for the big day!
No crying kids! A Christmas miracle!
And on a side note, please notice Quinn's sleeves rolled up.  He does not like long sleeves. Last night we tried to put them down and he stated crying and said his long sleeves were "crazy",  well "cwazy" in Quinn speak.

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Julie said...

Look at that perfect pic! You lucky girl... getting three kids to look at the camera and smile... it's a Christmas miracle!!!

And I love Viviana's dress!! ;)