Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Christmas Chronicles

The start of our Christmas vacay was so wonderful because we finally got to reward Quinn for earning stars by going bowling. An activity we've put off for weeks because of the Christmas hustle & bustle. But the weekend before Christmas was slow & sweet.

Quinn was glowing he was so happy to go bowling!

The best part..... we shouldn't have even paid for a game and just let the boys fetch balls from the ball return in other people's lanes.

Judah was silently very proud of himself the whole time where Quinn would jump around and yell. 

So happy my parents, despite having to run their own errands were able to join us! The kids will always remember their first bowling experience with their Papa & Mimi.

And thank God for one happy baby that gets shlepped from Sam's Club to bowling to the grocery store with a smile on her face!
And even a God miracle that on Sunday although I was a single mama while Gmo played drums for the 3 services I was able to get everyone ready & out of the house before church without being an ogre (or looking like an ogre as I sweat my behind off getting 3 kids ready for church). 
Seriously, how do pastor's wives with kids do it on Sunday mornings? 

 And a calm, lazy Christmas Eve at my parents, excitedly waiting for our favorite peeps to drive from ATL!

We're ready for this party to start! 
YAY! They're here (well half of them)! Poor Julie (and crew) had to drive in the torrential downpours all the way from ATL both ways. But we were so happy to see them and SO GLAD my sisters (and family) make the drive even for 1 day! 

Last year at Christmas I was 37 weeks pregnant and I was dreaming of what Christmas 2012 would be like with my brood of 3 and my sweet baby girl....... I never dreamed it'd be this sweet. Thank you God!

Rebecca & Will made it into town late Christmas Eve night, but we didn't get to see them until Christmas day...

Bill (Will's dad) came into town too. That was awesome!

Of course every Christmas morning starts with Papa reading the Christmas story, a story I must have read the kids 20 times in the past month, but reading about the best gift of all never gets old! Just like watching cheesy Lifetime movies about people finding true love at Christmas never gets old either. Well, I think they might get old to Gmo, what's wrong with him? Lol.

Quinn & Judah got their watches and running shoes from Santa.

They also got their light up guns as well. (man, that Santa sure is a violent guy to get those sweet darling little children automatic assault weapons).  ;)

And the big kids made out pretty well too....

 I love it. The clapper. 
Now this is Dean's present from Santa, not Devon, but Dean was nice enough to share.  The only thing Dean wanted from Santa was a tuba. Now I'm not sure where Santa found a "baby tuba" (aka military issued bugle) but I think Santa is pretty darn brilliant for figuring that one out. 

And Rebecca's gift was her cute little puppy Giovanni which my boys are OBSESSED WITH.  Poor Giovanni, they couldn't stop holding him ALL day long.

And only the niece of Julie Nizam would receive a return to Tiffany's necklace at 10 months old!! 

Somehow I think she knew what a fab-o gift Julie & Firoze had gotten her and gave them extra loving snuggles.

Christmas 2012. I can't believe it's over. TEAR! And all of our beloved family are back home in ATL. Boo hoo.

 I hope all of you AWESOME peeps out there in bloggy world had a joyful, peaceful, beautiful Christmas full of all of life's best things. Like lots & lots of Cheese. And maybe a few super cheesy movies on Lifetime.

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