Thursday, December 6, 2012

Shawty had them Apple Bottom jeans...

When I was thinking about the title to this blog post, I was thinking it's mostly about our trip this week to Florida. And all I kept thinking was Flo-Rida's song: Low "Shawty had them apple bottom jeans, the boots with the fur"..... hmmm.... STUPID.  And you know you're singing it in your head now. Lol. (sorry)
So, for every year, the first weekend of December we have the Judson's Christmas party. We love the Judsons & love it's part of our traditions. You can see how we've grown through the years....
Christmas 2009.  Judah was 2 & Quinn was not even 1.
 Christmas 2010: Judah 3, Quinn was almost 2.

 Christmas 2011: I was 8 months pregnant, Judah was 4, Quinn was almost 3.
Christmas 2012: Viviana is 10 months, Judah is 5, Quinn will be 4 on Dec. 15th.

We went to Orlando because I had a work class I wanted to attend.  This class being in Orlando was a major plus because Guillermo's Grandma, Aunt, Uncle, 2 cousins & their kids live in Orlando. So while I spent the day in class, they got to spend time togehter.
It was such a treat to see all of them, and to for everyone to finally meet Viviana. What a blessing for Viviana to meet her Bisabuela.  When Vivi gets older she'll realize that it is doll Heaven at her Bisa's house!  She'll be like me at my grandparents house and just wander around her house in amazement over all the antique dolls & barbies and neat things to explore.
The boys on the other hand loved to explore her television for cartoons (since they apparently didn't get enough TV in the 8 hour car ride. Sigh).
 I love that her walls are like a Remus family history. Each of her children and their family had their own framed area on the wall with pictures throughout the years. And now there are pictures of grandbabies everywhere too!

What a blessing to have such loving & kind family! Viviana just loved her Titi Gloria.

Second cousins!! Aren't those two so adorable: Christian & Gabriella! The kids LOVED playing together and cried when we left.
And I think Guillermo was most of all thankful for a baby-proofed place for the kids to play all day since Vivi officially puts EVERY SINGLE THING in her mouth these days.

Monday night I wanted to do something very special for the kids so Guillermo's family suggested Downtown Disney. Best idea EVER! I told the kids we were going to "Disney World" (just not the ride part). So they totally think we were at Disney World.  
 I have to admit, when I saw this sign my heart skipped a few beats.  Disney World makes me feel like a kid again! Can't wait to take the kids (to the "ride part" *wink) in a few years!
Does Disney = happiness? You'd think by the perma-grin on these boys faces!

We let the boys pick out gifts from the big toy store, which I HAD to get them the Mickey Ear hats. Every kid needs one of these hats, right?

But they were much more excited about their ray guns & muppets characters. Judah picked Kermit & Quinn picked Animal. And not Mickey, Minnie, Donald or Goofy. Go figure!

If she'd have kept 'em on her head, I would've bought them for her..... oh well.

Quinn is OBSESSED with the Incredible Hulk. Let's hope one day he doesn't aspire to create a life size one out of legos.

 And it was decorated SO beautifully for the holidays too! Major score.
Great class. Great drive. Great time with family. Great time at FREE "Disney World". 
And last but not least, I'm just so thrilled that we went to a warm enough climate for Viviana to wear her amazing Italian sandals from her Abuela. These are seriously some of the cutest baby shoes I've ever seen! Gold alligator leather. Swoon. Had to take the picture for Maria!

Now go get your apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur on and get low, low, low. And if you're 34 like me and try to get low, low, low on the dance floor, you might think, man I need to start working my legs out more, I might not be able to get back up, up, up.

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Julie said...

A couple things...

I want to be a kid again and go to grandma's house and play with all her dolls! Seriously, that place is going to be heaven for Viviana!! I'm gonna need to buy dolls for Viviana to get my need for girlie cuteness out!

Viviana's outfit... the leopard...the italian sandals...oh my! She needs her own Baby Vogue!

The boys could not look any happier going to "Disney!" Don't you love that they'll probably tell their friends "We went to Disney!" Hey, those rides are overrated! :)

The pic of all the kids on the couch is so cute and their cousins are adorable!! Viviana is starting to show her personality through her cute little smile and I love it!