Saturday, December 1, 2012

Party Time, Excellent.


Remember Wayne's World?  Anywho.

I love Christmas Parties. And football parties (but not the football). And Christmas shopping. And Christmas Parades. So this post is filled with so many of my favorite things. Awesomeness.
I LOVE party food. Seriously, every single meal I eat could be cheese & crackers & chips & dips, and I might be in Heaven. And I might be 800lbs. 

 Even though Clemson LOST and my husband fell into clinical depression (not really), the friends & food were great. 
Maybe they lost cause this little tiger didn't sport orange & purple?? 
The "I get to drink special drink" happiness face.  
It was all good & fun until I heard Judah & Quinn say to their little friend in their room playing,  my Mom says we can't kiss our friends..... hmmmm.... it's starting early. At least they're listening to us!  (and this all came about when Judah's little classmate kissed him on the MOUTH the other day that we had the "we don't kiss our friends" talk). 

Vivi came with me to pick out Christmas presents.  She wanted to buy everyone's gift from Rainbow. Mom, I hope you can walk in the leopard stillettos we got you! 
 Her little snow bunny digs from Auntie Julie, from Sri Lanka! Love it. And doesn't she look so much like Gmo here?
It's been a Santa filled weekend! Santa was at our Hanahan Tree Lighting Friday night. 
And our favorite Christmas/Hanahan tradition to include our dear friend Scott. Can you tell Quinn is just a little excited that Scott met us? They love him!
 My Hanahan coworkers are like family!
Could it be possible, that Guillermo is cuter in Quinn's hat than Quinn??? :) 
Apparently Viviana isn't as thrilled with Santa as the boys are... 

We got to ride in the Hanahan fire truck IN the Christmas parade! Santa was in the bucket part. Quinn literally talked Santa's ear off for an hour before the parade. I'm sure Santa knows more about the Soler family than he ever wanted to know.

Vivi's happy with the Steeler's Puerto Rican Santa! 

The boys went between utter amazement  of riding in a fire truck to Santa's best little helpers literally shouting Merry Christmas out the windows for an hour straight.

I LOVE this parade. Hanahan residents are the best.
The only baby that can fall asleep in a fire truck that has the sirens blaring & the horn sounded every other few seconds!!! Sometimes there are advantages to very LOUD familes. ;)

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Julie said...

That top picture makes me SO hungry! Can you pass me a chicken wing please?!

Viviana looks like a snow angel in her little fur bunny outfit! That might be the cutest and sweetest picture of her little face. I still wonder why a Sri-Lankan baby would need a fur hoodie in year-round 95 degree weather???

You guys were so lucky to ride on the firetruck. What an awesome memory for the boys! They look adorably coordinated in their red and white stripes.

And I love Viviana's red flower tights. Do they make those in size L because I really need those for my holiday waredrobe!