Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tiger-town & Fall, Family Bliss

 Guillermo said the ONLY thing he wanted for Christmas was to go to the Clemson game. So we made a weekend of it in Tiger-town & I convinced my sister, the Clemson Alum she and the fam HAD to go with us!
Can you tell G is just a little excited? 
There are a few times in life you'll catch me donning sports team gear. This is one of the few... And P.S. totally packed like snow suits and ten layers for the kids for the COLD upstate. I was sweating! Oh well. It was gorgeous in Clemson & Greenville none-the-less.
Thanks for Scott & his crew for letting us crash their awesome tail-gate activities. My happy little tigers!
I love that Julie still has her hair bow from her days back in Clemson. Ahhh, the good ol' days! 
The kids had so much fun!  
Guillermo & Firoze getting ready for the game. I LOVE the orange 'fro.  
And too much tail gating for this little tiger.  
Ahhhh, back to my good ol' uniform, ya know, the Johnny Cash look. And the boys are ready for another fun filled day in the upstate! 
And so was gnome girl!
LOOK AT THOSE LEAVES! Gorgeous. Those two little guys aren't bad either. ;)
You know we can't be with Julie & Firoze without getting one of these pictures! 
Be still my heart. I.Love.Fall.Leaves. We all agree we want to move to Greenville. What an awesome City.  
Falls @ Reddy Park. So beautiful. And I must be getting old. I remember my parents making us go to stuff like this out when we were kids, trees, water falls and I was like, Ummmm, can we hurry up and get to the cotton candy vendor and the theme park already?   
Well, I can check off that bucket list item, going back to Clemson with Julie to walk the campus, see the ocean of orange & purple and remember that big time in her life with her. And even sweeter, to do it with our 5 little tigers in tow, our 2 big Tigers too!

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Julie said...

We had such a fun weekend with you guys. I wish stupid Photobucket was working because I have been trying to do a blog post for the past 3 nights. Anyways...

The pic of you and Viviana near the top is so cute. I love that you can see her dimples when she smiles like that! She is going to have Guillermo's features, I tell ya!

I like Judah and Quinn's matching orange tiger paw sweatshirts. Those are really cute. I loved seeing all the boys in their football gear and getting to play together. We weren't kidding when we decided to make a football team! I can already see holidays about 10 years from now, when we have all our boys together outside playing a real game of football (or soccer). :)

Firoze loved his first game and I know G loved his early Christmas present. I just wish you all hadn't gotten in the car accident. :(