Friday, November 2, 2012

Once Upon a Time....

For Halloween we went to a place where ...."all the world is made of faith and trust and pixie dust"! It was our Neverland Halloween adventure!

"Don't you know Tink, you mean more to me than anything in the WHOLE WORLD!" says Peter Pan
Unfortunately Tinkerbell & Guillermo were too sick to trick or treat.... 
I'm not sure Peter Pan & Capt Hook would engage in such a loving brotherly embrace! 
We got to trick or treat with Beth & her knightly crew..... 


Did you know I know the secret special neighborhood that gives out only the BEST candy? It's my secret Halloween spot.  I had to patrol that neighborhood two years in a row on Halloween and I always told myself, when I have kids, I'm going back to this neighborhood! It's almost as magical as Neverland. 
And I'm not sure why this is blue and underlined. Stupid blogger is acting up again. Sigh.

So I'll leave you with a funny Quinn story. At church this past Sunday as the greeter was opening the door for us Quinn says really loudly to him and everyone else in earshot "there's an alien in my pants"...... now the sweet college greeter's face turned bright red and I finally told him, well he's right, in the inside waistband of his pants there are a bunch of alien faces!  That poor dude didn't know what to think! Lol.

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Julie said...

Quinn wins the costume of the night! His Peter Pan costume is so adorable and you really made the perfect hat! Look at your mad crafting skeelz!!!

Viviana poor baby looks pretty sick in these photos. Too bad she missed out on her first Halloween.

I love that you got together with Beth and her boys. The more, the merrier! You had a good crew.

P.S. Judah's mustache is adorable!