Monday, November 5, 2012

My Fair Lady, My Favorite Things & My Christmas by Pinterest.

It's that time of year again, you get your 7 different layers & your 700 dollars, cause it's time to go to the fair!  
It's time to get your fair on, my little fair lady! And yes, she does talk like she has marbles in her mouth, just like Eliza Doolittle! Nah, she's more like Master P "ughhh, na na na na"...

Now my two little brave dudes LOVED the rides! Look at that face of sheer wonder on the ferris wheel! 
And expression of sheer joy! 
 And this is me, wondering where the heck my inner daredevil went? I think I'm getting afraid of heights! I was seriously trying to psych myself out from getting super scared when we stopped at the top.
 Getting older sucks!

Telling myself to look at the beautiful scene and NOT the rusty bolts, or how the ride was being held together with silly string and bobby pins and magic carnie powers....
Maybe this ride was more my speed?
No riding rides for these guys. It's fair food marathon 2012 with the Q's. 
And then it the clock struck midnight and my little angel *poof* turned into a little bunny! Ok, ok, before you turn me into DSS, we did not stay till midnight. I just said that to be dramatic.  
And shout out to the world's most patient Daddy while the three of us rode as many rides as we could before it was food marathon time. Oh yea, G also scores, "I love my man" points for wearing the pink backpack/diaper bag all day too.

Moving on from Audrey Hepburn to Julie Andrews....
Just because I want to get a little "rain drops on roses" on you, I thought I'd do a quick montage of some of my favorite things about having a little girl.....

I feel like she's my little BFF. It's just different than the boys. Not that I like her better or them better, it's just a different bond. And I love baby bonnets. Boys just can't wear bonnets. But you'd better believe I'm getting Guillermo an adorable bonnet for Christmas and demand he wear it for family photos! Viviana is just so content to be held by me. Never wants to get down, never wants to squirm arond, just wants to be near me. I pray this lasts.... with the more mobile kids get, the less happy they are in your arms....
Dressing her up. Of course, it's more fun to dress up a little girl, but dressing the boys is tons of fun too. I always loved dressing my little guys, but with girls you get WAY more adorable hand me downs than with boys. Like her little strawberry costume.

And ruffle bottoms! What is the cut off age for ruffle bottoms? I'm totally wearing ruffle bottoms to work.  And when my coworkers say something about them I'll let them know that all proper ladies wear bloomers with a really "duh" expression.
And animal print leggings. And micro-adorable-shoes. 
And I know I'm her favorite. Sorry G. 

So, I think Christmas 2012 may be sponsored by Pinterest inspiration. So first I was inspired by the ribbon/light garland. I decided to use Christmas fabric instead.
This fabric total cost about $6. The lights cost $3.50. I cut the fabric up in strips about 1.5 inches by 10 inches. 
 I tied every darn one (that'd fit, had a little bit left over) onto the strand of lights.
Now the fabric lighted garland could've been draped anywhere, over a curtain rod, on a buffet (here it is in a jumbled mess), but I decided I would wrap it around a grapevine wreath that cost $5. 
Awesome fun, cheap wreath! From start to finish took about 2 hours. Christmas craft #1 down, many more to go???? How inspired am I? Hmmmmm...... If you see me on December 24th with sequins hot glue gunned to my face, you'll know I've taken it a bit too far...


Mrs Woo said...

Um...when did Gavin become as tall as his dad?! What the heck?! I know he's been incredibly handsome for a long time but so tall!

I am conquer with all of your fave baby girl things. I adore how cuddly Matilda is and mwhaha I'm the fave too! For now anyway. I'm trying to prepare myself for the day she becomes a Daddy's girl and I become "Mom Who?"
But until that day comes I'm going to cuddle and carry and stick hair bows in her curls and put her in as much leopard print as I can find!

Julie said...

I don't know if I can keep up with you at the fair. Did I tell you about my 20 minutes at our carnival (and make sure you pronounce it car-nee-vahl!) We went on the safest looking ride that went about 6 feet off the ground. I just about pooped my pants in that thing! I was freaked out when I saw the whole thing looked like it was held together with scrunchies and bobby pins. Especially when the carnie pushed the turbo speed button and Dean almost flew into the air at 40 miles per hour!! I can't even imagine you going on the ferris wheel of death. If you had taken my picture, I would have tears streaming down my face and I would have my arms wrapped around the support pole. Good for you! Hope the awesome food and good company made up for the scary rides. Loved seeing how grown up Gavin is! Now where is Elizabeth???

I like Viviana in her cute little bunny costume. I just want to snuggle her! But my favorite baby thing is her baby toms!!! Cutest thing EVER!

By the way, you need to get some photo editing software... Quinn has the most amazing eyes, even with the most blah lighting. If you took any of his closeups and edited his eyes, it would be freakin amazing! His eyes are so pretty. You know future girlfriends are going to be oohing and aahing over those blue eyes!