Friday, November 23, 2012

So Thankful......

 I don't need Thanksgiving to remind me how blessed I am. Sometimes I feel like the worst mom cause too many days I do not pray for my kids the way I should, but every single day I thank God for these sweet kids who make me crazy, but make my heart want to burst with gratefulness & love.

God, thank you for letting Guillermo & I be stewards over these gifts..... 

And so thankful for my family, all of my sweet family, close & far.  Our family here, our family in Atlanta, our family in Italy, Florida, Puerto Rico & Michigan. And especially for our friends who are like family!  That is such a rare & special blessing.

Thankful for parents who'd go to the ends of the earth for us. And who have taught me where true thankfulness comes from, despite your circumstances.  And who don't criticize when they taste my nasty dry stuffing on thanksgiving. Oops. (it was part the recipe & part me, sigh).

And despite feeling incredible pain everyday, my Dad who has taught me to be strong & courageous & always rely on God. And through hard work, anything is possible.
And I know for sure my kids have the best, coolest, most fun, smartest Aunts, Uncles, Tios & Titis EVER. 
I'm so thankful for all of the practical blessings in my life, like a roof over our heads, food on the table, and peace that God will always take care of my family. 
I am thankful for all I've learned as a mom, wife, friend, employee & so thankful I'm surrounded by such graceful people who forgive me when I make mistakes.... 
And I cannot even tell you how thankful I am for kids & babies who sleep well. I cherish sleep. I think I like sleep even more than ice cream pie (but it's a close runner up).... 
I am so thankful for such an amazing, kind, generous, hard working husband who is my constant helpmate & support.  I couldn't imagine my life without you.

And especially thankful that this is one of the coldest falls I can's so heavenly....look at those pretty leave in CHARLESTON!
And I am thankful that 98% of the time I know exactly how to make my crying babies stop crying. And even more thankful that my babies didn't cry a whole lot... especially this one, such a good baby......I guess shopping on black friday downtown foregoing naps wasn't the greatest idea. 

 I'll leave you with this last picture... can you tell what Viviana wants for Christmas? Her two front teeth! Can you see her little "vampire fangs" coming in, but no front teeth yet. It just cracks me up & I finally got a picture! And her little can opener bottom tooth is finally getting it's mate.....

And to all of my dear friends & family out in virtual world, I'm so thankful for you too!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Cha-Riss-Musssssssssss! YAY!!!!!!

Now I can finally go CHRISTMAS CRAZY and everyone doesn't think I'm totally crazy. They're officially playing Christmas songs on 102.5, so you can't say Nov. 17th was too early to put up Christmas decorations or make your kids wear Christmas PJs & shirts. OK. ;) Although Quinn looked at me last night with all the enthusiasm that a little 3 year old could possibly muster, threw his hands up in the air and yelled "Christmas is TOMORROW"!!!!!! And of course, it was so sad to explain to him that no, Christmas wasn't for over a month. I hope the month goes by SLOWLY, please God, help it go by slooooooow.
Viviana wanted to show you how her belly is like a bowl full of jelly! 
So before our house can become Christmas wonderland, it's sort of like Christmas hell, with boxes, cords, dust bunnies, attic crap that falls onto the hall floor EVERYWHERE. So each year I call and beg my parents to come get squirmy babies and curious little boys and take them out for a few hours so we can do the prep work and clean up before the super fun stuff comes.
Thanks Mom & Dad!

So the boys tree was all ready to go!
The best part, decorating!!
And Quinn man-handling precious little homemade ornaments while I cringed!
My favorite ones are all the precious little ones they have made through the years....
And ahhhh, it's finally all finished! Christmas bliss!
Now that's a lot of stockings!
My two favorite Christmas additions in 2012, my beautiful Christmas angel and my amazing cross stich "aged" to look antique pillow I found for $15 at a flea market in ATL!
Note to self, do not try to get kids to look at you & take pics while the TV is on next to them.
Take one. Fail.
Take two. Fail. Ughhhh.
Viviana was dedicated on Sunday! What a wonderful blessing!

Although Vivi's new favorite accessory is her trail of snot that is coming out of her nose 24/7 (you wipe her nose and .03 seconds later it's back. Poor baby has had a runny nose and a cough for 2 months. It is so sad), she sure did look cute in her little dress from Italy, thank you Abuela & Abuelo!
And the boys were so good on stage......
Until Quinn & Vivi caught each other's eye and Quinn started trying to play with her and she started "talking" really loud.....  
A great way to start the most wonderful time of the year!!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tiger-town & Fall, Family Bliss

 Guillermo said the ONLY thing he wanted for Christmas was to go to the Clemson game. So we made a weekend of it in Tiger-town & I convinced my sister, the Clemson Alum she and the fam HAD to go with us!
Can you tell G is just a little excited? 
There are a few times in life you'll catch me donning sports team gear. This is one of the few... And P.S. totally packed like snow suits and ten layers for the kids for the COLD upstate. I was sweating! Oh well. It was gorgeous in Clemson & Greenville none-the-less.
Thanks for Scott & his crew for letting us crash their awesome tail-gate activities. My happy little tigers!
I love that Julie still has her hair bow from her days back in Clemson. Ahhh, the good ol' days! 
The kids had so much fun!  
Guillermo & Firoze getting ready for the game. I LOVE the orange 'fro.  
And too much tail gating for this little tiger.  
Ahhhh, back to my good ol' uniform, ya know, the Johnny Cash look. And the boys are ready for another fun filled day in the upstate! 
And so was gnome girl!
LOOK AT THOSE LEAVES! Gorgeous. Those two little guys aren't bad either. ;)
You know we can't be with Julie & Firoze without getting one of these pictures! 
Be still my heart. I.Love.Fall.Leaves. We all agree we want to move to Greenville. What an awesome City.  
Falls @ Reddy Park. So beautiful. And I must be getting old. I remember my parents making us go to stuff like this out when we were kids, trees, water falls and I was like, Ummmm, can we hurry up and get to the cotton candy vendor and the theme park already?   
Well, I can check off that bucket list item, going back to Clemson with Julie to walk the campus, see the ocean of orange & purple and remember that big time in her life with her. And even sweeter, to do it with our 5 little tigers in tow, our 2 big Tigers too!