Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spooky squash & other fall happenings....

One thing about this guy (and all my kids, thank the Lord) is they are great eaters. For the most part they'll eat anything and are not picky.  We've cultivated that palate by letting them try everything under the sun (everything from octopus to tongue) and forcing them to eat a few bites of everything, even when they are not too thrilled with it. And not trying something is never an option. 

And we try to make scary food (like squash) something delicious. Ok, maybe squash is just scary to me. But the texture sort of makes me want to barf. 

So Judah decides he HATES squash. I totally understand. Butter nut squash & cooked carrots & ESPECIALLY parsnips make me want to vomit right now. 

So we all had fun acting like squash was the grossest thing in the world, which brought a huge smile to Judah's face.  So no more baked squash in my house I guess. I'll make one exception. (they did however eat it roasted in small chunks a week later. tee hee hee). 
This was the smile after he had the "I'm going to die if I have to eat another bite" look.
Quinn imitating Judah. 
Guillermo imitating Judah.
Vivi'll eat anything. Give that girl the smooshy butternut squash.

Fall festivals, corn mazes & autumn make me want to run around screaming I LOVE FALL. And I want to roll in leaves & eat fresh donuts & drink fresh cider & I want to wear sweaters & smell chilly air (yes, it has a smell, go to Michigan on a crisp fall morning and drink it in). 
So last weekend we went to the Corn Maze..... guess how long it took for Viv to eat the corn kernels. Did you guess .025 seconds? You'd be right.

And the best hay ride. During the ride, I told the scariest ghost story I could think of and by the end, all the children were crying! It was awesome! Just kidding.
I love Quinn's excited face here.  I'm so glad my Mom & Dad are down for all of our Soler family traditions of visiting the same fall places from year to year!
Guillermo says Viviana is extra delicious when she wears orange. Get them sugars G! 
Ok, this may be scarier than squash. We had a 4 foot snake in our backyard. Seriously, never going outside again. 
Big girl is almost outgrowing her car seat. And enters the weird time in a baby and mama's life where they are too big/heavy to be in a baby seat, but unable to walk. I remember the days where I had two babies who could barely walk. Somehow you manage to get kid, keys, purse, diaper bag, grocery bags, other children inside the house during this time frame hopefully without major catastrophe, like everyone falling into a big heap at the bottom of the sidewalk.
The moment in our night frisbee game when I cringed and thought WHO'S idea was it to let him play in his school tan pants. Ummm, that would be me. Brilliant. (but luckily no grass stains).
Look at me, I'm a biggun.

G took the boys to the Wando game friday night (our alma mater). Which was a big deal since they are undefeated this season, playing against Goose Creek, also undefeated. And poor Wando lost. Vivi, 

Vivi, my Mom & I had a girl's night shopping! 

And Saturday we went and watched our friend's kids play baseball before the Hanahan Fall Festival...
Go Orange Crush!
Do you know any other City where the Mayor serves the cotton candy at the Fall Festival? I love Hanahan. I'm so drinking the koolaid.
More fall fun for the 'rents.

And more hayrides......
Too much fall fun makes for one tired baby.
Good thing for a Daddy with strong arms.

And last but not least, we got to celebrate Levi & David's birthday!

Happy birthday guys!!
Getting pictures of two squirmy babies is nearly impossible! 

And of course, monkey see, monkey do with our crews. It's the frosting on the face game because baby Levi got to do it!

And the best part is.... it's STILL the weekend!!! One more day to enjoy fall happenings! Holla.

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Julie said...

Heeeeeeeeerrrrre's Julie!

Finally, I'm back on the real computer to leave some freakin' comments already. I'm not gonna be the bum that never leaves comments! ;)

How is it possible that Via has the cutest collection of baby tights I've ever seen? I want those owl tights! Do they come in my size? If not, can I wear them around my neck like a twilly scarf? They are seriously cute!

I love G's face eating squash. That's precious! You should make that the picture on his linked in account.

Mmmmm... baked squash. Baby food heaven! You're trying to win a prize for the most granola, green mom on the planet. What's next? A hybrid car?! Give those kids some Cheetos!

Judah and Quinn have the most beautiful smiles. And I can see every single pearly white. They need to be in toothpaste ads. They have such perfect little chiclet teeth!

Frosting on faces... oh boys...

Love that you guys are enjoying the heck out of fall. Now go eat some caramel apples and sing around your campfire!

Love you.
And yes, I think eating that Indonesian fried rice tonight made me wacky and slap happy. Do you think there were drugs in there??? Maybe that's what "Indonesian" means...