Saturday, October 27, 2012

My little Jack-O-Lantern.

Last night there was one of the most gorgeous sunsets I've ever seen. 
This is proof God favors Clemson!! I mean, have you ever seen a garnet & black sky? Just sayin. 
Skinny jeans on fat babies. Work it slibba slobba gurl.
When it's Saturday morning and there's only so many gang signs you can throw....
Only so many times you can look longingly out the window wondering when the rain will stop....
Until you just say, screw it, get on your rain coats.. we're going out.
And on brighter, drier days, we eat picnic lunches on our front yard! 
Don't be hatin' on our all organic, locally grown, homemade picnic lunch of cheetos, sandwiches & gogurt! (granola IS my middle name after all). 
I had the pleasure to chaperon Judah's class to Boone Hall Pumpkin Patch, which is the best in Charleston, just so you know... and my little group was AWESOME. Judah's classmates however made me realize I could never EVER be a teacher. Would it be inappropriate of me as a parent chaperon to put one of the naughty 5 year old kindergartners in an arm bar take down maneuver after they hit the teachers aide three times? Was it wrong of me to even just mention that?
Seeing Judah interact with his class made my heart swell with pride, I think he's friends with every kid in his class (even the rotten ones, God bless him) and introduced me to almost all of them! 
So Viviana is my little Jack-O-Lantern! She has finally gotten some teeth. Or snaggle toofus should I say? Can you see the one little tooth on the bottom? Just one of them? And then she's getting one tooth on the top too, not one of the two middle teeth, but the one next to the two middle teeth. It's hilarious!!! That's ok though, she's the cutest little Jack-O-Lantern I know.
Daddy & his little panda.  That girl wants to be in my arms but she loves to stare & smile at her Daddy.  
I had to post this picture for my sisters. I think I can see both Julie & Rebecca in her from time to time, like in this picture. 
Drool monkey. 
We'll leave you with our spooky halloween faces, definitely will have to work on spooky with Vivi.

But Judah & Quinn have it down pat! 
Happy Halloween weekend, now the BEST part of fall, the build up to Thanksgiving & Christmas! 
Woot Woot! 


Home school Mom said...

Wow! Your kids are the cutest! They have all grown so much already! I'll have to check out your blog more often I guess. ;)
Missed you!

Julie said...

Ok, this post is all about Viviana... can her outfits be any cuter???!!! I swear, you should be a baby stylist. You could smoke cigarettes and carry a venti Starbucks skinny latte at all times and shout "you look fabulous" to your baby models. You would be amazing!

Anyways, here's my Vogue baby commentary...

Cutest outfit...the anchor shirt, the cute little beret, the tights... I die. (in the words of Rachel Zoe)

Next cutest, love the leopard and the rolling stones t-shirt. This girl could be on the baby runway. But why oh why did you do a Britney and let this girl flash her panties front and center in this photo! ;)

Lastly, but not leastly... loved the cute striped sweater with the bow and the mary jane socks. Awwww... adorable!

Love my little Via!!

And you're right... that's the most amazing sunset I've EVER seen! I'm surprised cars were not slamming into each other left and right because everyone was taking photos with their phones!