Sunday, October 7, 2012

Choosing joy!

No matter what your lot in life, there are always MANY reasons for major thankfulness & joy while there are reasons why life is very hard.  I'm an optimistic person and I like to focus on the fun, laughter & joy, even though everyone in my family has been sick for the past month and poor baby is still major teething with all the terrible things that go along with that and I've been doing two people's jobs at work for the past month, my job and the HR Director's job and it's been hard, but I CHOOSE joy. I choose to not look at the one hour I have a day with the boys and get depressed about the extra time spent at work, I choose to make the most out of that one hour and look towards better days. I don't wallow in sleepless sick nights, we just have more fun at home snuggling and make sure to all take naps each weekend.

Every day each of us decides to wake up and find the joy in the day or find all the reasons to be depressed.

So we have been squeezing EVERY last drop of joy out of the "fall" (even if it's still 90 degrees). Fall is my FAVORITE time of year. Such anticipation to wonderful holidays, so much celebration & things to do.

Vivi is pleading with God to help her teeth come in (or maybe that's just me).  With each child, I've questioned, why is teething so traumatic??? If there has to be a silver lining to teething fevers, it's adorable rosy cheeks!

And spa night at home! Vivi slept the whole time too, so each guy got a big dose of spa treatment! We blow up the big air bed in our living room, put on soothing music and for two squirmy little boys they lay down the whole time! 
Judah got a months worth of green dots from school and a glowing parent teacher conference AND he won the student of the month!! So he got a trip to Monkey Joes! I keep trying to tell him that the best thing to win would be a ride through the car wash and cold stone creamery but Monkey Joes wins out. I'll have to work on my Jedi mind tricks with my kids apparently.

The thing I think is so awesome is before Judah was born, God gave me two words for him: Great and Leader. That was what I held onto as I went through several hard years of training him as a toddler, as he definitely was a strong willed child. Now he is an absolute pleasure to be around. For the most part well behaved, so sweet and just an awesome kid. He was the first student to get student of the month award  and it was for Leadership & Friendly. How cool is that? So if you're dealing with a strong willed child, stick through the grueling, hard, long godly training and discipline, it all pays off!!!

Some things never change.
When you're from Michigan, it's a rule, the moment October first comes, you'd better have fall decorations up & make "fall snacks" like chex mix! 
And eat caramel apples!

And to combat "fall snacks" we go running/walking on the bridge. And your treat for making it up the mile hill is to sit at the top and pretend you're on a boat for a few minutes, with the sea salty air and the wind blowing in your faces. (or maybe that's just me, I yell, "Aye Aye Captain" really loud and people look at me funny)......
My little sleepy girl.

And celebrate having family over. 
We all love seeing Tio & Miss Kat! 
And drawing fall decorations at Mimi & Papa's house......
I had to post this picture of my Mom's torture device for her arm! Crazy huh! I say get that lady a bow and let her play the arm fiddle! 
And the boys made pumpkin bread all by themselves! Well, maybe just a little bit of help....
And they were VERY HAPPY to eat it! 
Proud little bakers. 
I hope you have a great week and are enjoying the beginning of fall as much as we are!


Mrs Woo said...

I am definitely going to think of Judah as Matilda tests her boundaries and shows her own very strong will. I knew from the womb that she was a strong willed child. It's only been recently that she's been letting us know about it.
I will need prayer to be strong because I find it hard not to give in just to make her happy.

Oh boy!

Beth VH said...

I'm so proud of Judah for being recognized at school as student of the month! Yeah!! Go Judah!! What awesome memories of the Fall your kids will have. ~ baking bread, decorating, crafts. You are such a good Mama! I love the idea of doing a family spa night too! Oh my, you are full of great ideas that I will definitely be borrowing! :) I love love love the cute pic of Vivi with Gmo on the bridge. Her little black and white striped outfit is so precious!

Julie said...

I want a spa day and chex mix!!!! I want to come for a visit!

You guys are so cute. I love that you are so full of happiness all the time. You have happy kids too and that is a gift.

Looks like you had a blast on your bridge walk. Yay for kids that can walk by themselves for 2 miles!

Just one more comment...

Ummmmmm.... (awkward pause)... what is that "thing" pointing upwards on your apple plate??? ;) I don't think that looks quite right. :)