Saturday, September 29, 2012

The armless bandit, the Vivi update & mama paparazzi

Ok, so my Mom is not arm-less, but her arm will be out of commission for awhile. :( Poor girl had a terrible "freak" accident when she tripped at work and broke her whole elbow and both bones in her arm a little more than 2 weeks ago. She was in the hospital for 3 days and will have to go to occupational therapy for 8 weeks! So both of my sisters (and fam) came down to help take care of her..

It was also a plus to see them in September because September & October are BIRTHDAY months for my family: the Sherman/Nizam/Vicens family.  It starts with my birthday, then it's Devon's birthday, then it's Julie and Carla's birthday, then it's Rebecca's birthday all within 3 weeks! Phew! And EVERY single one of them is AWESOME and life wouldn't be the same without you!! Love you lots!!
 Our special treat to see our family! Cousins!!
And storytime by Papa! 
Still warm enough for sprinklers (MAJOR sad face. Fall, where are you? *tear*) 
My little athlete 
Proud Auntie! No one spoils Via like Auntie Julie! 
I can't tell you how much we LOVE when family visits! Craziness & laughs all around!

 This is my *I will smile so big, my baby will also smile face*  LOL
And Rebecca & Will came down the following weekend! 
Will always lets the boys play on his iPad,iPhone and climb on him like a jungle gym. God bless you (and your back) Uncle Will. 
I think holding Vivian is my Dad's favorite pastime. 

And yes, she has a different name from everyone: Viviana, Vivi, Vivi NaNa,  Via, Vivian, Viv, Nonny. And my personal favorite right now: Sugee Pum Pums (an insane version of sugar plum). sorry my sweet dear.

Here is the 8th month update!
 She loves to do big girl stuff like sit in carts & high chairs at restaurants!
She loves her toys, but still loves to jump in the bounceroo the best.... 
She's still the best baby around!

Can barely fit in the kitchen sink anymore.

She's starting to crawl!

 And I think it might be time to dop her 3rd nap?? 

And still no teefers!! But LOTS of teething. Poor little angel.

So I wanted to get some fall photos.... and it went a little somethin' like this:
 Quinn: Mama, I think I'm going to eat slimy the worm
Quinn: Mama, I NEED to take my hat OFF.
Me: No, if you keep it on and take good pictures I'll let you pick out a peice of candy (I succomb to bribing to get good pictures. I'll admit it..)

Quinn: And my candy will smell like stinky slimy the worm.

Oh. Boys. At least he's not saying stinky butts (anymore). 
Me:  Judah, hey ya know what I think would be fun? To grab up a bunch of grass in your hands and throw it in the air, what do you think? 
Judah: YESSSSSSS!!!!!
(Me with a giant rats nest of messy nap-hair with 14lbs of grass clippings now.)

And baby girl is wondering how 14 lbs of grass clippings would taste in her mouth!

And the moving background will not stop..... 
And then TADA. Smile, looking at camera. Paparazzi time is over!

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Mrs Woo said...

and of course Matilda has the exact same leopard cardi from H&M!
Matilda isn't crawling yet, but scooting backwards. She seems like she want to totally skip crawling, she's standing without being held for a few seconds and pulling herself up on EVERYTHING!
Gosh time is flying!
Your boys just get more and more handsome by the day! I'm sorry Mama Sherman had an accident but glad everyone got to come home!