Wednesday, August 22, 2012

You've Come a Long Way Baby!!

Judah, it wasn't so long ago that my only objective in life was to stare at your beautiful little face and make sure your every need was met, and you were smothered with kisses all day long.  It's been the fastest 5 years of my life, my little angel face. 
Wasn't is just yesterday you were my little boy, learning to talk & walk?

Somewhere along the way you started to get big, and became a protector, and everyday became more and more beautiful, inside and out. You are so, so smart, you are very attentive and have grown to become more and more self confident.  You are a leader and courageous.

 And today was the day I had to let my little bird out of his cage.  You were so, so excited, even here at the student orientation, praying every single night that God will help you in school. 
 What will we do when our little helper is in school all day?
And we'll be so sad when we have to wait for 7 hours to give you more kisses. 

But we'll make the most out of every moment we have together, like our special Mama & Judah date, yesterday.... our last day before the big day.... 
One of the few people on this earth who could make me happily sweat my behind off in 100 degree weather playing outside. :) 
What makes my hurting heart feel good right now is that you are SO happy to start this adventure. I want to hold you & kiss you all day, everyday, but you are so excited to be a BIG boy & start kindergarten. 

And just so you know, you will always be my baby. Whether it's kindergarten or college, you will be my precious little angel face who I admire everyday. I know God has huge plans for you and I'm so excited to be with you every step of the way!

 And if it weren't for the promise of a very special date day with this guy (with Guillermo too) today, I'd probably been curled up on my bed crying... my little clown. He can cheer anyone up! 
And of course, the donuts weren't bad either...... 
And a trip to the beach to pass the time, waiting for the big first day at kindergarten report......

But it was all GREAT! Judah was unusually stoic at the end of the day and his teacher said he did Awesome!     What a blessing these kids are. I pray that even if time continues to fly by, that all of these precious memories and feelings are etched in my mind for years and decades to come. 

And this blog post wouldn't be complete without pictures of our special day celebrating my Dad! 

Dad, you're such an amazing person in every way. You are my hero and I love you! You're the best Papa too! Happy Birthday!

For my Dad's birthday celebration we took advantage of a hot summer day at the pool!  I couldn't get thru the whole summer without finally getting a picture of Viviana in her teeny bikini! 

Judah, as always, being the best big brother, carrying Quinn around the pool when he couldn't touch.

There is nothing more sweet in life than kids, at every age and every stage. Of course there are annoyances and HARD points to every single age, but there is beauty and excitement in each stage too. I hope at each stage with each child I always, ALWAYS have time to stop & smell the roses. Cause before I know it, this one will be in kindergarten too!


Mrs Woo said...

yup...I'm blubbing. The ugly cry. How can I stop time so that matilda will always be my tiny girl???

I'm just gonna go sit on the couch and sob some more x

Julie said...

Awww... time has just flown by and it's like a rushing train that just doesn't stop. I can't believe our babies are starting school! Judah looks so grown up and as I always say, he's YOU! Especially in glasses (and the same glasses too!) he looks like your little mini-me. His smile in the pic where he's wearing his school uniform is such a happy grin... I can tell he is SO excited!

The pic of Quinn giving Judah such a sweet kiss is heart melting!

I also love the pic of you and Quinn. And the pic of you in your glasses is so great... you are SO photogenic!

The pic of Via in her itty bitty flower bikini is PRICELESS! Those rolls!!!

Love you,
(And sorry I'm always late commenting... I LOVE your posts)

Beth VH said...

Oh my. Time does go by too fast. Sweet Judah bear in K5 already?! He's getting to be such a big boy! He's so kind, gentle and considerate. I'm so proud of him for loving school so much and being the best he can be at home and away during the day! What a good example to others.

I love Viviana in her bikini! That is priceless!

And, I agree w/ Julie ~ the pics of you are gorgeous, girl. You are one hot Mama! :)