Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Viviana Chronicles: 6 months!

I cannot believe my baby is already 6 months already! She is just the light of our life and completes our family. She is all I prayed for, a  healthy, calm, sweet natured, great sleeping baby. The boys are head over heels in love with her and despite their desire to play leap frog over her head they are quite protective of her otherwise. ;)
Her favorite daily activity is putting her clothes in her mouth and pulling Guillermo's beard as hard as she can. Do you see what she has in her fist? Have you ever seen Polar Express? You remember how the dude screamed as they pulled his beard (to get the caribu off the tracks)? It sounds like that a lot at our house. 
My little Vivi is a very discreet baby. I know that's a weird adjective for a baby, but she's very subtle, not a lot of fuss or muss, just a happy girl. Eats when she should, sleeps when she should, if it's bathtime she's happy (and when my Mom gives her a bath, so are Gmo & I. Give a back a break!), when it's time to eat she's happy, when it's time to chill she's happy, when it's time to be changed she's happy.

She's so much more reserved than the boys ever were. It takes her longer to warm up to people she doesn't know, and it takes a lot to make her smile (if you're a stranger), but if you're family, or someone she knows well, it's non-stop smiles! The expression she has in my sister's arms is pretty much her serene, thoughful expression she gives everyone we meet as they are trying to get a smile out of her. :)
She loves to make silly faces, her newest face is "smooshy face", a little bit of scrunch, a little bit of stink eye and she sniffs really hard. It's so cute & funny. 
She's as big as her brothers were at this age, in the 99th percentile for height and weight, but only 85th for head circumfrence. I guess she missed out on the big beach ball head Finnish gene.

She can literally watch the boys for hours and be entertained. (and when Elmo is also part of the act, best day ever!) And No one can make her laugh like Judah. I think they have a special connection, she is non stop laughing when he even makes a peep towards her!

She gets kissed non-stop all day by all of us and just eats it up... she's a snuggly little lamb! 
She is the perfect addition of sweetness & calm to help calm the boys down and bring out their sensitive side. And she is happy to be schlepped anywhere. As long as I'm carrying her, she'd do anything, be anywhere for any amount of time and not get fussy.
 And more faces. I think this is a cross between smooshy face, making a poop face and "oh no you didn't" *snap snap* face.
And I love how she's learned how to kiss back!

And how she is the only child who will sit for 5 minutes straight without squirming while you kiss her.

And at six months old, she has been teething for about 3 months and every single inch of her gums is swollen and irritated and everyday I expect her to wake up with like 7 teeth! This has been the longest hardest teething of the 3 kids.  
I've said it before and I'll say it again. God knew exactly what our family needed and it was our little Viviana. Despite our human efforts to not grow our family at this time, God knew better and thank God that He knows, and that He is in control!
We love you Vivi girl! 


Mrs Woo said...

She is an absolute doll! And what adorable outfits she always has on!
My mom said she saw you guys at the JICC reunion and met Vivi, she said "she is ADORABLE!!!!" She said she thinks Vivi must be smaller than Matilda...sorry to break it to ya Ma but Matilda is below the 50th percentile for weight and they don't measure length or head anymore over here unless there is a problem.
Not that Matilda is a pipsqueak or anything, far from it! Sista eats all day long & some of her 6-9 month stuff is too small!
I really need to get Matilda's 6 month photos up! I still need to take her official 6 month photos....
Right after I fold the actual mountain of laundry....

Julie said...

Little baby Via is really changing... I have to say, I really see SO much of Guillermo in her. Especially her eyes... I think they are EXACTLY Guillermo's eyes. I can't wait to see how her face changes in the next few months as she turns into a toddler!

That pic of her smiling in the brown outfit is so adorable! You have to get more pics of her smiling, since it makes her look so cute.

Those squishy face pics are funny though!

Love ya,