Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Dog Days of Summer...and one packed weekend!

 A terrible thing has happened in our house, and I'm not even sure who to blame. But it sure as heck wasn't me. Someone let the kids watch (and become obsessed with) the Power Rangers.
Sigh. But I have to admit, this boy has ninja skills. Now if I can hone that into American Ninja Warrior skills, I'd be the happiest mom EVER. Ya know how some moms live vicariously through putting their daughters in pagents, that'd SO be me with forcing my kids to learn Parkour to get to ANW. LOL. 
Now my other little ninja is giving it his best effort. I think he's inherited MY ninja skills.  
It's all good though. He gets a good laugh out of his effort. 
I love that boy. 
And girlfriend has front row tickets to the live Power Ranger's show. 
 Yay for great friends FINALLY meeting the newbie, 6 months later. Sorry guys, it's not cause we don't love ya!
 We heart the Judsons! 
Masie makes Viviana look like Casper! 
All the boys needed hair cuts so we decided to give the barber shop in front of our neighborhood a chance. And Guillermo asked for a beard trim and before he knew it the dude was giving him 'stash! LOL. He was so mad, hey, at least it'll grow back. We laugh everyday about it. That's just what happens when you go to a barbershop called Against Da Grain. 
We got to celebrate the most adorable little 2 year old 's bday party! Little Lilli's eyes just kill me, what a doll! 
 The boys earned enough stickers to go to Chuck E Cheese. Can you tell Quinn is just a little excited?
 Judah was a tough competitor with air hockey! 
Gmo & I both did the jumping game, and I had Vivi in the baby bjorn. 
We're freaks.  
 Thank God baby girl can still sleep anywhere. Maybe the bouncing put her to sleep? (I know I can't call it jumping, I thought I was jumping like a foot off the ground, but it was probably really only an inch)...
 We hit the jackpot when we went to the sprinklers and the Nanny, her family & her church family were all there having a church picnic! Guillermo got to eat a Puerto Rican buffet and he fit in like he knew them for years! I love that about different cultures, it's like they're all family. And they passed Vivi around and she never made a peep, which is rare cause she's turned into a total Mama's girl!
There were pigeon peas in everything! What's up with Puerto Rican cuisine & pigeon peas? :) 
The whole time we had to keep Vivi, or Nonny (her most prominent nickname by G and the boys right at this current moment) from throwing herself down into the water and drinking it!! Just assuming the sprinkler floor at the Wannamaker park is not the best place to let your child lick the ground. 
Workin on those ninja moves.  
 The boys are helping Vivi learn how to crawl, it's so cute until Quinn jumps up and accidentally kicks her in the head. Or their new game I caught them doing, leap frog over her head when I'm not looking. Lord, help us all.
 I had to post the look for posterity's sake. This is her new look of Mama! Don't you dare leave me!
School starts in 20 days. Sob. My big boy is SO excited and was on top of the world picking out a backpack (Hot Wheels) and a lunch box (avengers, dang, every boy in the whole class will probably have the same lunch box) and a Spiderman water bottle.  
While the one was in Heaven, the other's little heart was broken in half. No lunch box, no book bag, no water bottle, no school supplies.... so we let him pick out a Thor toy and everything was Great again!


Home school Mom said... all the pictures and updates. ;) Your little ninja's are totally cute and made me LOL! ;)
I can't get over how big your little girl is getting already! Where has the time gone? I feel like she was just born and should be really tiny still!
Back to school... {sigh} it that time already?

Julie said...

Your boys look so psyched to be NINJAS! That's what they need to be for Halloween!!! Seriously, they have so skeelz!

Your pics of Judah jumping over the water fountain is so cool... it perfectly captures his personality and energy! You need to blow it up and frame it!

I LOVE Via's outfit in the black and white striped t-shirt and pink leggings! You need to submit that pic (or a better one where you can see it more) to that Baby Blackbird site. That's SO cute and SO you!

I'm glad you all have such amazing friends who love your kids so much. That's the biggest blessing!

And by the way... I wanted to jump through the computer screen and snatch that plate out of G's hands and stuff my face! I would seriously pretend to be Puerto Rican and crash a picnic if I could have that food too!! :)

Always hungry,