Wednesday, August 22, 2012

You've Come a Long Way Baby!!

Judah, it wasn't so long ago that my only objective in life was to stare at your beautiful little face and make sure your every need was met, and you were smothered with kisses all day long.  It's been the fastest 5 years of my life, my little angel face. 
Wasn't is just yesterday you were my little boy, learning to talk & walk?

Somewhere along the way you started to get big, and became a protector, and everyday became more and more beautiful, inside and out. You are so, so smart, you are very attentive and have grown to become more and more self confident.  You are a leader and courageous.

 And today was the day I had to let my little bird out of his cage.  You were so, so excited, even here at the student orientation, praying every single night that God will help you in school. 
 What will we do when our little helper is in school all day?
And we'll be so sad when we have to wait for 7 hours to give you more kisses. 

But we'll make the most out of every moment we have together, like our special Mama & Judah date, yesterday.... our last day before the big day.... 
One of the few people on this earth who could make me happily sweat my behind off in 100 degree weather playing outside. :) 
What makes my hurting heart feel good right now is that you are SO happy to start this adventure. I want to hold you & kiss you all day, everyday, but you are so excited to be a BIG boy & start kindergarten. 

And just so you know, you will always be my baby. Whether it's kindergarten or college, you will be my precious little angel face who I admire everyday. I know God has huge plans for you and I'm so excited to be with you every step of the way!

 And if it weren't for the promise of a very special date day with this guy (with Guillermo too) today, I'd probably been curled up on my bed crying... my little clown. He can cheer anyone up! 
And of course, the donuts weren't bad either...... 
And a trip to the beach to pass the time, waiting for the big first day at kindergarten report......

But it was all GREAT! Judah was unusually stoic at the end of the day and his teacher said he did Awesome!     What a blessing these kids are. I pray that even if time continues to fly by, that all of these precious memories and feelings are etched in my mind for years and decades to come. 

And this blog post wouldn't be complete without pictures of our special day celebrating my Dad! 

Dad, you're such an amazing person in every way. You are my hero and I love you! You're the best Papa too! Happy Birthday!

For my Dad's birthday celebration we took advantage of a hot summer day at the pool!  I couldn't get thru the whole summer without finally getting a picture of Viviana in her teeny bikini! 

Judah, as always, being the best big brother, carrying Quinn around the pool when he couldn't touch.

There is nothing more sweet in life than kids, at every age and every stage. Of course there are annoyances and HARD points to every single age, but there is beauty and excitement in each stage too. I hope at each stage with each child I always, ALWAYS have time to stop & smell the roses. Cause before I know it, this one will be in kindergarten too!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Viviana Chronicles: 6 months!

I cannot believe my baby is already 6 months already! She is just the light of our life and completes our family. She is all I prayed for, a  healthy, calm, sweet natured, great sleeping baby. The boys are head over heels in love with her and despite their desire to play leap frog over her head they are quite protective of her otherwise. ;)
Her favorite daily activity is putting her clothes in her mouth and pulling Guillermo's beard as hard as she can. Do you see what she has in her fist? Have you ever seen Polar Express? You remember how the dude screamed as they pulled his beard (to get the caribu off the tracks)? It sounds like that a lot at our house. 
My little Vivi is a very discreet baby. I know that's a weird adjective for a baby, but she's very subtle, not a lot of fuss or muss, just a happy girl. Eats when she should, sleeps when she should, if it's bathtime she's happy (and when my Mom gives her a bath, so are Gmo & I. Give a back a break!), when it's time to eat she's happy, when it's time to chill she's happy, when it's time to be changed she's happy.

She's so much more reserved than the boys ever were. It takes her longer to warm up to people she doesn't know, and it takes a lot to make her smile (if you're a stranger), but if you're family, or someone she knows well, it's non-stop smiles! The expression she has in my sister's arms is pretty much her serene, thoughful expression she gives everyone we meet as they are trying to get a smile out of her. :)
She loves to make silly faces, her newest face is "smooshy face", a little bit of scrunch, a little bit of stink eye and she sniffs really hard. It's so cute & funny. 
She's as big as her brothers were at this age, in the 99th percentile for height and weight, but only 85th for head circumfrence. I guess she missed out on the big beach ball head Finnish gene.

She can literally watch the boys for hours and be entertained. (and when Elmo is also part of the act, best day ever!) And No one can make her laugh like Judah. I think they have a special connection, she is non stop laughing when he even makes a peep towards her!

She gets kissed non-stop all day by all of us and just eats it up... she's a snuggly little lamb! 
She is the perfect addition of sweetness & calm to help calm the boys down and bring out their sensitive side. And she is happy to be schlepped anywhere. As long as I'm carrying her, she'd do anything, be anywhere for any amount of time and not get fussy.
 And more faces. I think this is a cross between smooshy face, making a poop face and "oh no you didn't" *snap snap* face.
And I love how she's learned how to kiss back!

And how she is the only child who will sit for 5 minutes straight without squirming while you kiss her.

And at six months old, she has been teething for about 3 months and every single inch of her gums is swollen and irritated and everyday I expect her to wake up with like 7 teeth! This has been the longest hardest teething of the 3 kids.  
I've said it before and I'll say it again. God knew exactly what our family needed and it was our little Viviana. Despite our human efforts to not grow our family at this time, God knew better and thank God that He knows, and that He is in control!
We love you Vivi girl! 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Dog Days of Summer...and one packed weekend!

 A terrible thing has happened in our house, and I'm not even sure who to blame. But it sure as heck wasn't me. Someone let the kids watch (and become obsessed with) the Power Rangers.
Sigh. But I have to admit, this boy has ninja skills. Now if I can hone that into American Ninja Warrior skills, I'd be the happiest mom EVER. Ya know how some moms live vicariously through putting their daughters in pagents, that'd SO be me with forcing my kids to learn Parkour to get to ANW. LOL. 
Now my other little ninja is giving it his best effort. I think he's inherited MY ninja skills.  
It's all good though. He gets a good laugh out of his effort. 
I love that boy. 
And girlfriend has front row tickets to the live Power Ranger's show. 
 Yay for great friends FINALLY meeting the newbie, 6 months later. Sorry guys, it's not cause we don't love ya!
 We heart the Judsons! 
Masie makes Viviana look like Casper! 
All the boys needed hair cuts so we decided to give the barber shop in front of our neighborhood a chance. And Guillermo asked for a beard trim and before he knew it the dude was giving him 'stash! LOL. He was so mad, hey, at least it'll grow back. We laugh everyday about it. That's just what happens when you go to a barbershop called Against Da Grain. 
We got to celebrate the most adorable little 2 year old 's bday party! Little Lilli's eyes just kill me, what a doll! 
 The boys earned enough stickers to go to Chuck E Cheese. Can you tell Quinn is just a little excited?
 Judah was a tough competitor with air hockey! 
Gmo & I both did the jumping game, and I had Vivi in the baby bjorn. 
We're freaks.  
 Thank God baby girl can still sleep anywhere. Maybe the bouncing put her to sleep? (I know I can't call it jumping, I thought I was jumping like a foot off the ground, but it was probably really only an inch)...
 We hit the jackpot when we went to the sprinklers and the Nanny, her family & her church family were all there having a church picnic! Guillermo got to eat a Puerto Rican buffet and he fit in like he knew them for years! I love that about different cultures, it's like they're all family. And they passed Vivi around and she never made a peep, which is rare cause she's turned into a total Mama's girl!
There were pigeon peas in everything! What's up with Puerto Rican cuisine & pigeon peas? :) 
The whole time we had to keep Vivi, or Nonny (her most prominent nickname by G and the boys right at this current moment) from throwing herself down into the water and drinking it!! Just assuming the sprinkler floor at the Wannamaker park is not the best place to let your child lick the ground. 
Workin on those ninja moves.  
 The boys are helping Vivi learn how to crawl, it's so cute until Quinn jumps up and accidentally kicks her in the head. Or their new game I caught them doing, leap frog over her head when I'm not looking. Lord, help us all.
 I had to post the look for posterity's sake. This is her new look of Mama! Don't you dare leave me!
School starts in 20 days. Sob. My big boy is SO excited and was on top of the world picking out a backpack (Hot Wheels) and a lunch box (avengers, dang, every boy in the whole class will probably have the same lunch box) and a Spiderman water bottle.  
While the one was in Heaven, the other's little heart was broken in half. No lunch box, no book bag, no water bottle, no school supplies.... so we let him pick out a Thor toy and everything was Great again!