Friday, July 13, 2012

Wonder Twins Power Activate!

 If there is one thing I know, it's little boys. And I knew I had to get them these arm bands, because in that little bit of stretchy fabric on their arms, they are now transformed into super heroes! This way they can feel dressed up without actually wearing one of their superhero costumes to the mall. 
 Vivi is upset that she doesn't have super power arm band! You just wait little spidergirl, as the boys have dubbed her altraego. You will have a super powers armband someday too.
 If only the super hero arm band kept them from climbing into the clothing racks. That's SO payback from my childhood. We hid in the clothing racks the WHOLE time my Mom shopped and made up martian language that sounded like this "oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy". Wow. How annoying were we?
 Ok, so the big question of the day!  Have you ever wanted to know what it's like to be 3 again??
 Jump for joy, twirl around, shout THANK YOU MAMA FOR MY DRUMMER MAN (the awesome toys I found Judah & Quinn from Goodwill- since they love playing the drums & guitars and love little men with parts to them, I knew I scored big time with these toys, Judah got Starchild)..........

Play with the toy for 1 minute 42 seconds, take the drum sticks out of Catman's hands. WAAAAAAAH, the drumstick won't come out. Break it out of his hand.

MOM!! Will you put the drum stick back in his hand?

Sorry Baby. It's broken off in his hand.

Skip off to play with the one stick drummer man.

12 minutes and 19 seconds later decide the drum set is better with the tom, snare and cymbal ripped off the bass drum, rip the third leg off the drum seat, and break the drum pedal in half. By Accident Mama.

Get very confused why drummer man has furry shoulder pads, but question nothing else about his outfit, like his mega man boots.

Ahhh, 20 minutes in the life of a 3 year old.

 We got to celebrate with Kat  at her party! Happy birthday Kat! 
 As always, a special treat to catch up with friends! 
 And family! 
 Weekends like this one make me feel like I'm the luckiest girl in the world! After a weekend full of love, fun, family & friends and church & dinner/swimming with my parents in a few hours, my little lamb asleep in her crib, tomorrow's dinner is already in the crock pot, a clean house with the laundry done, Guillermo is mowing the lawn and I'm washing dishes and watching the boys swimming I know EVERY thing is  right with the world right in this moment. Ahhhh.

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Home school Mom said...

Ha ha...what a funny post. I love the boys super hero arm bands. Those are genius!

And that KISS doll...ha ha! That is hilarious! I could not stop laughing. I love the hairy shoulder pads! Wha? lol

Viv! How sweet are her huge rolls! She is a doll and growing so fast! Help me out....does she look like one of the boys...or you or your hubs!?? She's adorable either way.... ;)