Saturday, July 7, 2012

With Liberty, Justice & Fried Chicken for ALL!

Guillermo's parents, Jose & Maria came back to America from Italy to see Guillermo's brother Jose finish his residency in NYC! We couldn't be more proud of Jose for surviving all those years of med school & residency! So on their way back to Italy, they made a detour in Charleston to meet their first granddaughter!!
What a special moment for Viviana to meet her Abuela & Abuelo (and to see her in all the pretty clothes she's bought her)!
 There's a lot of Boricuas here! Can I be an honoray Boricua since I love my Puerto Rican family and tostones so much?? ;)
 Now that you can see them in the same picture, doesn't Quinn have his Abuela's face (except he has my eyes)?? Such a pretty smile with cute cheeks! Thanks for the genes Maria!
And we got to go on a special date night without kids too! What a treat, Guillermo and I ran around the streets of Charleston yelling "I'm FREEEEEE".. Just kidding.  
We loved to have you here Abuelo & Abuela! We'll miss you! 
My little class clown has gone from crazy smile to CRAZY smile. Or he's too distracted to look at the camera. I'm already anticipating the phone calls I'll get from his future teachers about his silly antics! 
A picture Uncle Sam would be proud of! We do July 4th RIGHT up in here. 
Patriotic outfits, animals, table settings and decor. Check. 
Lots of laughs & chillin. Check. 
Going to the pool with family after eating hotdogs. Check. 

 Battling throngs of people to find a good spot on the beach, after carrying 100 lbs of baby/picnic/beach gear for 2 miles and have our picture taken at dusk next to the American flag as we wait for the big show to begin. Check.
Enjoy every second at the beach making the torture surrounding getting TO our spot worth it. Check. 
 Eating watermelon (or wallermelon as Quinn says), fried chicken, sand covered chips and singing "Happy Birthday America" with our new beach friends. Check.
And then the show begins! Look how close we were to the pier they were shooting them from! 
I caught the "chupacabra" of fireworks pictures! This isn't even zoomed in, it was like the whole sky lit up with fireworks in our face! Ah-mazing.  (and how pathetic is it, since I'm in charge of finances for a City, the whole time, I kept thinking, Man, Hanahan should do fireworks when we finish our big Amphitheater and I was counting the number of fireworks trying to guesstimate how much it'd cost to do a show. STUPID! Lol)
Viviana has an announcement to make! 
Guess what I do now??? 
Suck my thumb!! It's so stinkin cute! She's my first baby that doesn't want a pacifier and first baby who sucks her thumb and fingers! It's all fun & good now, but unlike with a pacifier, Santa can't come and take her thumb away on Christmas Eve to replace it with toys in a few years (the best way to get a kid to willingly give up his pacifier cold turkey, btw).


Jackie Miller said...

Ahh!! Judah has the same awkward smile that Noa does! Must be their age. So funny!! A matter of business... Russ wants to know if you guys received the post card for the 25th anniversary of the church. There is a celebration Sunday all the members and previous members are invited to. If you didn't get it (and want it) email me your address. Or just text me. Whatever. (but I think you already have that) or (much easier to remember). :)

Home school Mom said...

Awwww....LOVE the 4th outfits for all the kiddos! You are mother of the year! How do you do it? I feel so lazy now. lol ;) Looks like you had a wonderful 4th and did everything "American". ;) What fun and LOVE, LOVE the firework photos! Looks like they put on an amazing show!

Betsy ;)

Beth VH said...

Yeah! love the fireworks photos and the visit w/ Grandparents! So fun! Quinn and Abuela do look alike! How cool to see the resemblance. :) I love that Vivi sucks her thumb!! OMG how cute!!