Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Save the Drama for Ya Mama!

The other day we were sitting around the dinner table and Judah was very exasperated and said "Mama, I've gotta tell you something. Quinn always says potty talk and always says bad words and he's always mean to me"
(of course this is the VERY dramatic and maybe true 10% of the time, if anything Judah can be more mean to Quinn, but anyways) and Quinn looks very much like- oh no! the crap is hitting the fan- with this terrible accusation and surely punishment will follow so Quinn quickly says "he's just kidding Mama, he's just kidding" patting Judah's arm, which Judah sighs loudly, throws his hands up in the air and says "NOW HE'S TELLING STORIES TOO!"

Ahhh, brothers. Just melts your heart doesn't it?  

 We've had an AWESOME week and weekend with friends & family, there will be a fun upcoming post of our adventures with Abuelo & Abuela, but I wanted to post these pictures of the boys taking a ride in our friend's plane.  We had the most AMAZING lightning storm Sunday night but it kept us from taking flight, we did however get to ride around the airport, which to two little boys was ALMOST as amazing!
Thank you so much Dr. Riffel!

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Mrs Woo said...

haha!!! that's so funny! Oh Judah.