Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We love a night time adventure at the beach! Even if by the time I got off work, got the car & kids loaded and drove to the beach it was dark. :)  There's nothing like walking on the Folly Beach pier to make you feel like you're on vacation for a few minutes of a busy weekend. 

Baby girl is starting to get the look.... that look kids get when they want to start doing everything everyone around them is doing... like "before I was just a blob, now I want to DO stuff like ya'll"!  
Like sitting! She's getting better & better, sitting for about ten to twenty seconds before it's TIMBER and she's down.  
And loving her toys. So far she's most thrilled with things like this where there is a little bit of fabric she can shove in her mouth. :) 
 The poor girl gets eaten up by mosquitos, no matter how much baby friendly spray we put on her, we've tried the anti-mosquito bracelets, she only goes outside during the day in her jammies so she has long sleeves and legs and then they eat her face!  What's next? A mesh hat like they wear in the amazon?? 
 The boys loooove brushing their teeth, so they are in the bathroom many times a day brushing their teeth-  and making faces at themselves in the mirror BUT the thing I've dreaded would happen since I found out my little buns in the oven were boys, they took their toys swimming in the toilet. So no more playing in the bathroom for them....... (and we only knew because it was a plush animal soaking wet, how many other toys have gone for a swim??? GROSS. boys. sigh)
 We had some of our sweetest friends over this weekend!
 Judah & Quinn LOVE my friends older kids, mind you in a "i'm sorry my kid is attacking your kids/throwing their toys at them/trying to climb them like a tree" kind of way, but they literally laid on those sweet kids all night. I'm just glad they were such great sports for the little guys. 
Auntie Gale loves her baby!  What a blessing good friends are, especially friends that love your kids so much!
 And of course we can't forget our Father's Day celebration! I am SO happy that the kids have such an amazing Dad, in every way he is so good to our family and I know the kids will be forever changed by having such an awesome Dad. I know I am forever changed by my amazing Dad! Dad's have such a unique ability to build their children up by their encouragement and support.  I know I felt like I could do anything in life because of my Dad's encouragement.... and the weird thing was I wanted to be exactly like my Dad and still do (which is especially odd since my Mom is so freakin amazing too)... I guess this explains why I hate to cook but love to ride motorcycles and shoot guns. :) But I am blessed every single day of my life by Guillermo and the type of father he is to the kids and husband to me, and by my Dad, by the type of father he was to me and grandfather he is to the kids. 

And we are incredibly thankful for our other amazing Dad's  (and Abuelo's to the kids too): Jose & Ramon! We wish you were closer to us to give you lots of hugs & celebrate father's day with you! But we're so excited because Maria & Jose are making an international trip to South Cackalack in just a few weeks! 


theschmoo said...

The picture of G-Mo with the 3 kiddos on the couch is HEART MELTING. Love their grins!

And true dat to those skeeters! Lucy has really sensitive skin apparently and breaks out in rashes easily. FUN.

Love your curtains! (random - sorry)

Mrs Woo said...

VIVI'S LEGS!!!!! I WANT TO BITE THEM!!!! Matilda has been sitting a bit too. But her newest thing is really funny! She's standing up dancing and jumping then all of a sudden goes into a super deep bow! She bows her dead to the floor. Does some cooing and then it's back up for more dancing and singing and jumping! We don't know what it's all about. Wanting to crawl? I doubt it, I think she's just going to take off running one of these days!

Julie said...

Poor Viviana, getting bitten by all the mosquitos!

I can't believe you captured a "miracle" on film... Guillermo is with all 3 kids and everyone is looking a the camera and smiling!!! Wow! Now you gotta print that one out and frame it!

It looks like you had a blast with all your friends. Gail looks so happy to be holding little Vivi!

Miss you,