Monday, June 11, 2012

He was so excited when I told him the chef would throw shrimp at his face.....

Sometimes I can see that middle child thing going on with Quinn and when I feel like he needs a little bit of extra attention it's Mama/Quinn date night to the rescue! 
So Friday after another hard day for Quinn, I told G, that we HAD to go out, just my Quinny & I for some good Q.T. I told him we were going somewhere special, somewhere where a man throws shrimp at your face. And he was sold.
So we went to the Japanese steakhouse  where Quinn giggled nonstop by the silly Japanese hibachi chef's jokes and was so excited by his chopsticks (seen here in the photo, but when they came apart and he and Judah started using them as daggers they had to go in the trash).

On date nights with your kids you teach them important life lessons.....
 Like how to cross your eyes really hard and contort your face. He has the cross eyed part down well, so we'll keep working on that crucial second step, don't worry, that'll be on our next date night.
 We were so excited to have one of my great, amazing friends come visit.... Ed!  He'll  have to teach the kids how to sing Word Up, like crossing your eyes, a life skill that will really enhance every party, wedding, important work meeting... 

I think Viviana may be able to break a Guinness book of world's records record for receiving the most kisses of any baby in the world.  We're just a PDA kinda family! 
 And Quinn is not to be outdone by his brother and has to give her kisses too!

This weekend we got to celebrate two very special people! We went to Jackson's bday party & my Mom's bday dinner!  Don't you love how they have to bring their pet mice with them to the party??

Vivi says, Wait!! They got to bring toys?? That's ok, I have 3 yards of neon pink toille fabric to shove in my mouth, that's the only toy I need. 
Happy birthday to the sweet, smart & handsome birthday boy! We love you! 
One thing I've noticed about the difference between having a girl and boys is that with the boys, you're so happy for them to be independent and go off and play and appreciate when they are tough and strong and brave, but with my girl, I just want her to sit and snuggle with me forever! Odd, since I appreciate very strong, independent, courageous women... I hope I don't carry her around til she's 16, that'd be awkward! Lol. 
Our growing crew! We love the Van Houten kids so much, they're such "best buddies" as they call each other.
For my Mom's bday we just hung out & Guillermo & I made dinner! I looove it how my parents play with the kids and their house is the same  way as when I went to my grandparents house, filled with fun toys! 
YUMMMM. I want more shrimp & grits!! 
Happy birthday to the best Mom in the whole world! My Mom is the sweetest, most selfless, hardest working, encouraging person I know. I only hope to become more like her through the years. I don't know what I'd do without her! 
Guillermo's sister Carla sent Vivi 3 of her dolls from when she was young! The dolls are so cute and the same size as Viviana! I had to take a picture of Vivi when she was itty bitty so when she plays with the dolls in a few years I'll be able to look back at this picture AND BURST INTO TEARS at how fast she's grown and how she used to be so tiny, wait, that was a horrible idea to take this picture, I'm deleting it immediately!! JUST kidding. :) Thank you Titi Carla for sharing your dolls!


Julie said...

Too many great pictures in this post!! I love it. Hmmm... where to begin?

Love Via's super cute bright outfit and rockin' tutu.

Love Judah and Quinn's pictures in the sunglasses! Such a cool picture of the two of them. Don't love the mice. :( Ha!

Love Via's smile when Mom is holding her. I know I'm changing my earlier opinion, but I'm starting to see way more of Guillermo in her. Her face shape seems more like G. Anyways, that pic has the best smile I have seen from her - so cute!

Love your date night idea... hibachi! Yum!! Although shrimp being thrown at my face is probably my worst nightmare.

Quinn looks awesome in bright blue. I've said it before and I'll say it again - that's his color!! Now you just need red eye reduction for those brilliant blue eyes!

Love Judah's TOMS - so adorbs!

You wrote the sweetest stuff about Mom. So true...

Love you,

Mrs Woo said...

I'm so jealous that you got some Ed time!!!! Love Vivi's uber girly outfit! I def. need more tutus and frilly things for Matilda!

Beth VH said...

Awe! What a precious family you do have! I love this post and all the pics. The dinner ya'll had for your mom's birthday looks amazing! I love shrimp n grits. You have always been so great at spending special one on one date time with your kids! I just love the pic of you and Quinn at the Japanese steakhouse! What special memories they will each have of those times!