Monday, June 25, 2012

The Ghetto Fairytale

Once upon a time, it was the most beautiful Saturday evening and the cotton candy clouds were calling to us to go outside and enjoy the beautiful night after a fun day of flea marketing and swimming....

So all the kings horses and all the kings men decided to get some exercise and take a nice walk. And then decided to walk to the CORNER STORE FOR SOME TREATS. And when I say corner store. I mean Coh-Noh-Stoh. 
The boys & I got popsicles (and chocolate and strawberry milk after the boys proceeded to shove half the bottles in their mouth in the middle of the store before I agreed they could get them)...... 
And baby girl got a Mexican beer. I know, I know what you're thinking..... that girl needs to be drinking LIGHT beer.... 
And then Sunday after our rejuvenating walk to the corner store & a inspiring sermon about "a well manicured yard is the only way to Heaven" (just kidding, thankfully you don't get to Heaven because of your gardening skills of curb appeal, or else we'd be doomed) we decided to do some yard work! Vivi is excited! 
 Here is evidence of my "black thumb of death" (see the hanging baskets to the bottom right)- I've killed EVERY plant I've ever owned. Even a cactus once. True story.
Well wait, I lied, apparently my garden of weeds (aka wild flower mix) just can't stop growing, see that brick circle of disaster behind Judah's legs? I tried to get Judah to repulsor blast the plants with his Iron Man arm, but it didn't work and we had to pull every darn one. 
And after we cleared the weeds wild flowers from our planter box thingy we planted succulents, which as far as my non-gardening mind is concerned, I think it's pretty fool proof, like a cactus (maybe it is a form of a cactus).... which really, is it humanly possible to be an accidental serial cactus killer? I hope not. 
And then when Dad is at the night service playing drums and a tired mama is over being outside we play the pants on our head game....... 
And the "I'm the incredible hulk" and that's why I have permission to roar at the top of my lungs without my shirt game. 
And all the meanwhile girlfriend is bouncing away, which Judah claims he just taught her how to do this week! Both boys were like jumping beans from the moment their little feet hit the floor in the jumperoo, Viviana has eased into jumping and even now she daintily jumps on her little tippy toes and just watches her super hero brothers roaring at the top of their lungs.  Just another magical weekend.


theschmoo said...

LOVE it. Pants on the head is a favorite of our too and much better than "pants on the ground." :o)

Mrs Woo said...

I also suffer from the black thumb of plant death. oh well.

Home school Mom said...

ha ha! Love it! Your kids are the cutest and I love that you play with them and have so much fun together! ;)

Beth VH said...

Your posts always make me smile! I love love love this one! Viviana has grown so much just in the last few weeks ~ already sitting up! Judah and Quinn are so adorable in their little sunglasses too. I love the new stroller too. Awesome!

Julie said...

Ok, your new stroller rocks!! You lucky, Craigslist "blessed" girl!

That sky with the pink clouds was incredible. It would make me want to get outside and walk to a ghetto market too! Or maybe a "mercado" in my hood!

That pic with Via and the beer and especially your caption... priceless!

Love, love, love the pic of Via sitting on the blue chair! So cute in her little strippy dress and leggings.

The boys made me laugh out loud with their pants on their heads and their faces! You've got some class clowns, for sure!!

Love you,