Thursday, May 3, 2012

My silly boys & my little bunny girl.

So yesterday I had to work late because it's my budget season and that's just what happens at budget time, so I called my dear sweet hubby who was trying to cook dinner and wrangle 3 kids and he told me that he moved the trampoline infront of our back door so he could keep an eye on the boys while he cooked dinner, well Vivi started crying so he left long enough to go check on her. When he returned the boys were jumping in the trampoline BUCK NAKED!!!! Seriously, what the?


And most of you that read the blog got a birth announcment, but for those of you who did not I wanted to post it so you can see it! 

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Julie said...

Such a cute birth announcement. You and I are the queens of cut & paste! I like her little lamb outfit and tummy. :)