Monday, May 21, 2012

The fastest 5 years ever!!

Could it be true?? My little angel, Judah Bear is 5 years old??? It just seems impossible! Judah is my heart. He is so perceptive to what is going on around him and people's feelings and he's kind and smart and thoughtful.  He's a leader and confident and brave. I love him so much and I could celebrate him everyday! We wanted to do a special birthday party for this monumental age, the age where he'll leave home & start school. I sort of think of a kids life in two parts, one is before school and the other is when they're in school. Before they leave for school they're a little and after, they're a big. Sadness. 

For Judah's special party, we did a night lights theme. Lots of glow in the dark things, tiki torches, christmas lights and sparklers, a fire pit, smore's and lots and lots of food!

It was like the crock pot parade in there! (If you ever want the easiest, less stressful party, try to cook a lot of food in crock pots) 
The weather was PERFECT, almost a little chilly, perfect for out night activities! 
It's so fun to celebrate with all of our little friends! 
And our big friends too! 

The little girls were busy turning their daddys into frogs and princes with their magic glowing wands while the boys used them as billy clubs and light sabers.... :) 
The kids looked so cute in their necklaces & bracelets!  

Judah had perma-grin on his face for about a week leading up to the party and during the party he had a total blast! 
Gmo's fire pit rocked.  
No sparkler mishaps with the little hands, PTL! 
I love the glow in the dark turned body armor! 
And I think the adults had a good time too! 
Judah freaked when he saw his Optimus Prime cake! 
On Judah's actual birthday we just chilled and loved on each other all day! 
At lunch, I told Judah because it was his birthday he could eat as many chips as he wanted to, so he dumped the entire half bag on his plate and went to town. Sigh. It was orange finger/face central up in there. 
Judah loved all of his presents so much and this year there was even minimal whining from the other non-birthday boy. (probably partially due to a pep talk with Quinn that although it wasn't his birthday, I'm sure Judah would share his toys)....

Happy birthday my love!

And in other non-birthday news, guess who tried baby food for the first time???? 
she wasn't sure anything would be more delicious than her finger..... 
Looks like she might be part bunny, she LOVED her carrots! 
YAY!!! Now I'm just praying that the boost of extra vitamin C in the carrots will help her get over this very long lasting cold she has. I'm afraid baby girl might have seasonal allergies! 


Julie said...

Hooray for new blog posts and birthdays!

Anways, Judah is looking SO grown up and I can't believe he's 5. Sigh... how did this happen? Just yesterday, you were holding my hand in the hospital and I was giving birth to Devon and you were announcing "guess what? I'm pregnant too!" And now we blinked our eyes and these two little newborns are little guys and they talk like grownups. Time is flying by too fast!

Your party looked like so much fun. I wish we could have been there! Tell G that his fire pit ROCKS!! Seriously, that's some amazing fire pit talent. Keep it up and I'm sure he'll find a way to spit roast a whole pig on top. :)

Little V looks so happy with real food! Love her little smile at the end. I hope she feels better soon.

Love you,

theschmoo said...

Oh my goodness. FIVE!!! Holy cow. There is no turning back now. We have actual boys and not more preschoolers really. They only get older from here! Looks like a blast was had by all. GREAT idea for a theme. Who doesn't love lights and glow stuff?! I'm envious of the pit and s'mores! Happy Birthday Judah!

Beth VH said...

Happy Birthday sweet Judah!! I just can't believe you are already five! We loved celebrating with you on your big day! The glow in the dark sticks and sparklers were so fun! Jackson and Luke loved playing with you and sharing such fun memories together! We love you big man!!