Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I wanted to say a THANK YOU to all my sweet friends & family who have called me & email me and prayed for me my first week back to work. God is helping my heart be strong and blessed the kids at home. If I've not emailed or called you back, it's because work is CRAZY, but I will soon..

It's times like this you realize how important your support system is, and I LOVE all of you!! Thank you!

More posts soon!


Julie said...

You have so many people that care about you because you are such a loving and caring person! I know God is giving you peace about going back to work and hopefully one day, you'll be the stay-at-home mom that you dream of being!

Now hurry up and post some more pics! :)

Love, Julie

Home school Mom said...

I'm so glad the transition is going so smooth! Rest in the Lord! ;)
Take care,
Betsy ;)