Tuesday, April 10, 2012

From Gutter Punks to Easter Kids to Beach Boys......

When we listen to music, if someone we know really likes the song, I'll say to the boys "that's ____'s song"... I especially like making up that certain songs are people's songs and put their names in the lyrics to get a rise out of the boys (super plus if the song is something that person would NEVER listen to, like when I told them "Ride Wit Me" by Nelly was my Mom's song and it actually went "Must be the Mimi" instead of "Must be the money"....but I digress)..... anyways, "Uncle James' song" in our house is Ruby Soho since his favorite band for a long time was Rancid. They beg to listen to "Uncle James' song" all the time and watch the dvd on Youtube. So the boys wanted to dress up like Rancid... so here they are as little gutter punks...
Singing: Destination nanananaoooown, Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby So HO. (I keep telling them the right lyrics, they just want to sing it their way). 
Quinn, the sensitive ballad guitarist 
Judah, the shreddin guitarist 
And the boys #1 Groupie 
Judah wanted to post the picture of him holding the ball python for his cousins to see.  When I took Judah out for our date day last week, we went to the new reptile store in town. It's like visiting a small reptile zoo and the owner was SO nice. If you're local and have a brave little boy (or girl for that matter).. go to the store, not sure what it's called, but it's in festival center on the corner of Ashley Phosphate and Dorchester....

My sister Julie and her family came down for Easter, it was the best Easter!!! 
Of course it's always fun to see your family oohing and aahing over the newbie,
And even more fun that we all got to go out on a date night! It rarely happens since it's hard to coordinate babysitting, but we made it work! 
Can you tell we're a CLOSE family? Lol. 
Cheers to date night (and praying the kids get sleep)!

Easter, the best reason to celebrate! He is RISEN!

Viviana's awesome Easter dress & shoes are thanks to her Abuela & Abuelo all the way from Italy! Guillermo's handsome good looks are from Abuela too, Thanks Dona Maria! ;) 
My sweet little Easter boys. I would love to blame the giant wet stains on Quinn's pants from him having a fight with the sink or something, but that's totally wrinkle remover on his shorts. I HATE to iron. Is that bad? 
We hit the jackpot on Easter when by chance we went to Riverfront park on Easter to find out they were having Gospel Fest, a community wide Easter celebration that my Dad started with another couple (thru Good News Bookstore 20 years ago), so we had tons of free jump castle fun! 
And Viviana, as always was the best little traveler, just sleeping and chillin all day

Then as a special treat, Julie & Firoze stayed one night on Folly beach and we got to hang out with them! 
Felt like a mini vacation! 
We broke out the bathing suits!

Pulled out the giant hats! 
Thanked God for extra loving hands to watch kids in the pool while Vivi and I stayed in a warm chair.. 
And more loving hands to help shivering kids change from bathing suits to warmer clothes.... 
We're at the beach fist punch dance

We love the Nizam's SO much!  
I already miss my super sweet, funny Bro-in-law!
And my amazing, loving Sis! 
My smart, funny nephew. 
And my adorable, loving nephew!


Julie said...

Today is my day to catch up on blogging and leave some much needed comments on your blog!

I feel so far behind......

Anways, what an awesome weekend! Loved, loved, loved spending so much quality time with you and the whole fam!

Great pics on this post. I love those little punk rock cuties! I think that photo of Judah with the guitar is awesome and you should blow it up and make it a poster over his top bunk. So cool!

I love the Easter pic of G and Viviana. What a sweet pic with her daddy!

The pic of Judah doing a cannon ball into the pool is priceless!

You got some great pics of us and that is rare! Thanks for capturing my bikini on the beach (and for those that don't know, my "bikini" is my full long black pants, hooded black sweatshirt and 55spf sunblook with sunglasses and a hat). Hahahahaha!!!!

You got the CUTEST smile out of Viviana in her bathing suit on the changing table! Love this photo.

Now go check out my blog for more photos from the Sherman Paparazzi!

Love you so much!

Home school Mom said...

AWww....love all the precious pics! Looks like so much fun in the sun! ;) Your baby girl is so sweet and chunky! LOVE that! Growing so big....toooo fast. Your boys are so handsome and such little GQ models.
Thanks for the update!
Sorry I'm horrible at mine. :p

bethdavidandtheboys said...

This was such a great post!! I love love love the pics of ya'll in your Easter clothes. Judah is so cute in his tie! I love Viviana's Easter dress and shoes. The adorable photos of the boys being rock stars is so fitting for your little rocker babies!! I love Viviana's sweet smile too. Oh my, and her cute pink tu-tu bathing suit is so precious!! What good memories ya'll have from your time together this Easter! love it!!

theschmoo said...

I just want to Mary Poppins myself into your family! You do such a great job of having fun and teaching and guiding and LOVING! MIss you!