Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Miracles

I love Easter. Of course because of the miracle of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins, so that we may know eternity with Him in Heaven, if we accept him into our hearts, but also because it makes me reflect on Easter in a new way, since I've had kids as I teach them about the meaning of Easter and we celebrate the miracle of Jesus being alive. Teaching about Easter eggs and wonderful spring stickers & colored eggs is so easy, but teaching about Jesus' death & resurection is much more complicated. This year the boys asked a lot more questions about Jesus dying, Jesus coming alive again, and Jesus being hurt and about a million other toddler questions and the more I pondered these questions and answers I am reminded that I have so much to be thankful for, not only Jesus dying on a cross, but a whole life to be thankful for. And sometimes I wonder where all the miracles are (like there were in Bible times), but if you look around, you see miracles ALL the time:
Like the biggest blessing in your life being born, who just a year ago hadn't even been conceived yet. Whose conception was a miracle because we were trying hard to prevent having more kids at this time in our life.......but now I see how God's timing is perfect and I wouldn't trade this angel for anything in the world, or having these precious three months off with the boys, just a few months before Judah starts school, to spend such good quantity time with them every day.
For my friend and coworker, who just a month ago delivered her baby at 29 weeks and her baby, X'Zavier is not only doing awesome, but coming home on Wednesday, what a miracle!

For my dear, young, friend Sherry who faught a long fight with breast cancer, and is in remission. What a miracle!

For my coworker's husband Fred who has fought cancer this past year and is now in remission, what a miracle!
For my Dad who endures the worst pain every day and has had a debilitating nerve disease for over 26 years, yet God helps him find the energy to be with us and invest into his kids and grandkids life without complaining of his situation, what a miracle!
For my 4 year old to accept Christ into his heart just a few months ago, for that miracle that these kids are excited about God & want to know more about Him and have Him in their lives, just blows my mind.

And that I will have gone for 6 weeks without my salary while on maternity leave, but God has not only sustained us, but He has blessed us financially during this time. We've seen miracle over miracle in our finances thru these past few years.

If you ever wanted to know if God is still alive & well in 2012, all you have to do is look around, even to your closest friends & family and see God's hand so heavily in this earth, blessing this earth.

Thank you God for such amazing miracles & the best miracle of your Son!


Home school Mom said...

Man! Viviana is getting SO BIG! What a beautiful baby girl! Your boys look so grown up all of a sudden too! Time flies with this motherhood thing, huh? Love all your posts of the kids and the pictures. What a sweet, sweet family. ;)
Hope all is well in your life with your family, kids and work!
Many prayers and wonderful well wishes coming your way today! xoxo
Betsy ;)

Julie said...

You are right, we have SO much to be thankful for and many miracles to celebrate. Great post!

PS... that little "baby" on that cake totally scares me.