Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring fever & baby fever

What is reason #1 to have kids? Specifically boys? To work outside for you, so you have to train them young. I'M KIDDING. But hey, it is nice that they are such awesome helpers outside!

Even though they are literally covered with dirt from head to toe. And I mean COVERED.... can you see mr. brown face? (the photo doesn't do it justice, I'm talking mud covered nostrils here. I think he went head first into the bag of potting soil) 
 And while the boys were hard at work, Vivi and I were busy snuggling. Life is rough. (ok, so I felt a little guilty, until I remembered Gmo & the boys love being outside, and I only have a few more months while this bebe girl sleeps so sweetly in my arms).....
And we did a little work, working on those core muscles & sitting up! 

I LOOOOOVE when friends have babies & baby showers. Even though it's only been 5 years since my first baby, I feel like a nostalgic grandma looking back on the good ol' days when I hear about someone having their first baby.. it's just the best thing in the whole world. To know they'll experience love & joy & excitement like they've never known before... anyways, we got to go to our friends baby shower this weekend..... major congrats Scott & Laura!
And of course so fun to catch up with old friends, and appreciate a little break from another mama holding Vivi (thanks Gara!) so I could eat 14 lbs of spinach dip (seriously, I'm like an dip addict, don't ever let me near a bowl of cheese dip unless you want it to be GONE).  
I love this picture of the guys & little Vivs. 
Viviana is like, Mom, STOP taking pictures already!! 
Cause I seepy!!! 

Night night peeps!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy 3 months my little double bubble.

Viviana, (aka Double Bubble, Bubble Guppy, or Chi Chi), turned 3 months yesterday.... when I hold & snuggle her, I feel like I'm holding a 1 year old baby rather than still pretty much a newborn... how on earth did she get from this....
 To this, SO fast????
 Can you see how big she is?? She's like a monster! And I mean that in the most lovable, furry, adorbale kind of monster way! This girl is almost 17lbs! Can you see how chubb chubbs she is in the picture below? I love it. Baby chubby is the BEST chubby.
 I think despite the C-section hell I went thru, this has been the best 3 months of my life. To be surrounded by 3 wonderful children just brings me to tears I am so filled with gratitude for them. 
 And baby girl has found her fingers! Who needs baby toys when you have ten pudgy little fingers?? Or a ceiling fan to stare at?
 And as for my other babies, my dear hubby thought it'd be a special treat to make them lattes one day and take pictures while Viviana and I were still asleep.  YES, you read that right. Lattes, ya know, the kind with a double shot of espresso!! Lol.
Can I tell you how exciting my weekend starting is?? Two full days with my little sweet peas!!!

Can I tell you how NOT exciting it is that Viviana is officially on a nursing strike now and basically has refused to nurse longer than twenty seconds at each feed for the past several days and so yesterday I decided to stop nursing. Why did I think to stop cold turkey and not pump? And today at work I had budget meetings with all of my Department Heads and City Administrator all day and I wanted to yell out "I feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest" but I had to hold it in! Ouch. The things us women go thru..... :)

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I wanted to say a THANK YOU to all my sweet friends & family who have called me & email me and prayed for me my first week back to work. God is helping my heart be strong and blessed the kids at home. If I've not emailed or called you back, it's because work is CRAZY, but I will soon..

It's times like this you realize how important your support system is, and I LOVE all of you!! Thank you!

More posts soon!

Monday, April 16, 2012

You can survive with a broken heart.....

Today my heart broke into a million peices for the third time. The third time I had to leave a newborn baby and return back to work. This time was by far the least painful because I could find so much more solace in the fact that I'm leaving her with the most loving nanny, instead of a daycare, but it still hurt so bad.  I think when you have to work full time, something in your heart dies when you're away from your kids. If it didn't, being away from them for the majority of your day would be too painful & impossible. I prayed and prayed, and with the prayers of my sweet family & friends God got me thru the day and I survived and more importantly, the kids survived.  Viviana was the angel baby and slept all day long just like she always does. In fact, now that how long she sleeps was written down, I added it up and she sleeps over 18 hours in a 24 hour period, when apparently the average is 15 hours. I knew she was a sleep-a-holic like her mama! Hopefully when she's Judah and Quinn's age she still likes to sleep in :).... 

The things I will miss the most:

Snuggling, snuggling, and more snuggling. I tried to memorize these moments, holding a newborn baby is something you think you'll never forget; but when they're three, and four, and older, it's just hard to remember back to these days.

Watching the boys rock out on pot & pan drum sets while we jam out in the mornings.

Hearing the boys giggle together and decide to play with only the legs of little GI Joe toys (or whatever the guy is, with only half a body, it's hard to tell) for several days. Kids are so weird. LOL. 
Watching Vivi conquer new milestones and get bigger & bigger and see her little personality come out. 
Impromptu outings with family & friends.....

But I just remind myself there are seasons in life for everything. Seasons to stay home, seasons to work. And I will thank God for my season right now! And although I am not with them during the day, you'd better believe I will continue to make the most out of every night and every weekend!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

From Gutter Punks to Easter Kids to Beach Boys......

When we listen to music, if someone we know really likes the song, I'll say to the boys "that's ____'s song"... I especially like making up that certain songs are people's songs and put their names in the lyrics to get a rise out of the boys (super plus if the song is something that person would NEVER listen to, like when I told them "Ride Wit Me" by Nelly was my Mom's song and it actually went "Must be the Mimi" instead of "Must be the money"....but I digress)..... anyways, "Uncle James' song" in our house is Ruby Soho since his favorite band for a long time was Rancid. They beg to listen to "Uncle James' song" all the time and watch the dvd on Youtube. So the boys wanted to dress up like Rancid... so here they are as little gutter punks...
Singing: Destination nanananaoooown, Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby So HO. (I keep telling them the right lyrics, they just want to sing it their way). 
Quinn, the sensitive ballad guitarist 
Judah, the shreddin guitarist 
And the boys #1 Groupie 
Judah wanted to post the picture of him holding the ball python for his cousins to see.  When I took Judah out for our date day last week, we went to the new reptile store in town. It's like visiting a small reptile zoo and the owner was SO nice. If you're local and have a brave little boy (or girl for that matter).. go to the store, not sure what it's called, but it's in festival center on the corner of Ashley Phosphate and Dorchester....

My sister Julie and her family came down for Easter, it was the best Easter!!! 
Of course it's always fun to see your family oohing and aahing over the newbie,
And even more fun that we all got to go out on a date night! It rarely happens since it's hard to coordinate babysitting, but we made it work! 
Can you tell we're a CLOSE family? Lol. 
Cheers to date night (and praying the kids get sleep)!

Easter, the best reason to celebrate! He is RISEN!

Viviana's awesome Easter dress & shoes are thanks to her Abuela & Abuelo all the way from Italy! Guillermo's handsome good looks are from Abuela too, Thanks Dona Maria! ;) 
My sweet little Easter boys. I would love to blame the giant wet stains on Quinn's pants from him having a fight with the sink or something, but that's totally wrinkle remover on his shorts. I HATE to iron. Is that bad? 
We hit the jackpot on Easter when by chance we went to Riverfront park on Easter to find out they were having Gospel Fest, a community wide Easter celebration that my Dad started with another couple (thru Good News Bookstore 20 years ago), so we had tons of free jump castle fun! 
And Viviana, as always was the best little traveler, just sleeping and chillin all day

Then as a special treat, Julie & Firoze stayed one night on Folly beach and we got to hang out with them! 
Felt like a mini vacation! 
We broke out the bathing suits!

Pulled out the giant hats! 
Thanked God for extra loving hands to watch kids in the pool while Vivi and I stayed in a warm chair.. 
And more loving hands to help shivering kids change from bathing suits to warmer clothes.... 
We're at the beach fist punch dance

We love the Nizam's SO much!  
I already miss my super sweet, funny Bro-in-law!
And my amazing, loving Sis! 
My smart, funny nephew. 
And my adorable, loving nephew!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Miracles

I love Easter. Of course because of the miracle of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins, so that we may know eternity with Him in Heaven, if we accept him into our hearts, but also because it makes me reflect on Easter in a new way, since I've had kids as I teach them about the meaning of Easter and we celebrate the miracle of Jesus being alive. Teaching about Easter eggs and wonderful spring stickers & colored eggs is so easy, but teaching about Jesus' death & resurection is much more complicated. This year the boys asked a lot more questions about Jesus dying, Jesus coming alive again, and Jesus being hurt and about a million other toddler questions and the more I pondered these questions and answers I am reminded that I have so much to be thankful for, not only Jesus dying on a cross, but a whole life to be thankful for. And sometimes I wonder where all the miracles are (like there were in Bible times), but if you look around, you see miracles ALL the time:
Like the biggest blessing in your life being born, who just a year ago hadn't even been conceived yet. Whose conception was a miracle because we were trying hard to prevent having more kids at this time in our life.......but now I see how God's timing is perfect and I wouldn't trade this angel for anything in the world, or having these precious three months off with the boys, just a few months before Judah starts school, to spend such good quantity time with them every day.
For my friend and coworker, who just a month ago delivered her baby at 29 weeks and her baby, X'Zavier is not only doing awesome, but coming home on Wednesday, what a miracle!

For my dear, young, friend Sherry who faught a long fight with breast cancer, and is in remission. What a miracle!

For my coworker's husband Fred who has fought cancer this past year and is now in remission, what a miracle!
For my Dad who endures the worst pain every day and has had a debilitating nerve disease for over 26 years, yet God helps him find the energy to be with us and invest into his kids and grandkids life without complaining of his situation, what a miracle!
For my 4 year old to accept Christ into his heart just a few months ago, for that miracle that these kids are excited about God & want to know more about Him and have Him in their lives, just blows my mind.

And that I will have gone for 6 weeks without my salary while on maternity leave, but God has not only sustained us, but He has blessed us financially during this time. We've seen miracle over miracle in our finances thru these past few years.

If you ever wanted to know if God is still alive & well in 2012, all you have to do is look around, even to your closest friends & family and see God's hand so heavily in this earth, blessing this earth.

Thank you God for such amazing miracles & the best miracle of your Son!