Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Squeezing out every last drop!

As my maternity leave dwindles down to only a few more weeks, I am making sure to squeeze every last drop of family fun during this time. Everyday we try to go on an adventure!

Like to waterfront park with our "best buddies" as Judah calls Jackson & Luke
Beth & I took advantage of the extremely warm weather lately and got an early start to the water park fun... 
It's moments like these where I remember NOT to take my beautiful city (Charleston) for granted.. it has so many amazing things to do all the time... I know I gripe a lot about the humidity and heat and lack of 4 seasons, but I need to give credit where credit is due...Charleston really is a beautiful & fun city
In the blink of an eye, Levi & Viviana will be running around in that fountain too! 
We've been doing the Tour De Playgrounds, trying to visit all the best playgrounds in Charleston. I taught Judah how to do a cherry drop (where you flip upside down from the monkey bars and jump down)...not sure how good of an idea this is as it now gives me heart palpitations from the tall monkey bars.... I'm sure I freaked my Mom out all the time, I was like a monkey. I guess this is payback.
Picnic in the park (you know our all organic, healthy lunch from Taco Bell).
Finally conquered his fear of the BIG slide (to ride sitting up, facing forwards at least).

And the kid that has no fear.... 
I captured this picture of Viviana's pout, how can you resist this girl?

Going out to eat.... I'm so happy to have Vivi here with me now.... 
Cause now I'm not the only one that's not clad in orange & Tiger paws! 
Happy baby! 
Going to lunch with friends so they can meet Vivi.... 
And of course, lots & lots of snuggles with all my babies... (How much do Judah & Vivi look alike in this picture?) 
My best little helpers... 
And of course, still hours of staring into that sweet little face and smooshy lips 
And tons of kisses from Daddy.....

That's how you survive as a working mama, you squeeze every bit of fun and family love out of the time you have with your kids, maternity leave, weekends, weeknights!


bethdavidandtheboys said...

love love love the new pics and that sweet little angel's smile! this has been the best season to go visit parks! yeah for Quinn conquering that big boy slide!! ... and Judah and Viviana DO look soooo much alike in that photo!

Julie said...

I'm so glad you have an awesome friend like Beth that you can hang out with and have playdates with! You are so lucky to have a friend with "matching" kids to hang out with! Ok, both of you need to stop before you look like the Duggars and the Bates getting together (and you need to watch "19 kids and counting" if you don't get that reference). :)

Viviana looks so adorbs in her jeans and navy striped shirt. Love that outfit!

The cheeseball smiles of G and the boys in their Clemson orange totally makes me laugh. Those superstar grins run in the family!

Love you,