Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our Trip to Atlanta & My Back to Reality....

Several months ago when my Mom told me that they had decided to make their spring/summer trip to Atlanta this year to celebrate my little nephew Dean's birthday, I contemplated for a long time taking advantage of my maternity leave, a girl's trip, just Viviana and I, a free ride in a big comfortable Suburban with my sweet parents to join them to celebrate & be with my sisters and their families. 

 On the one hand I imagined this wonderful trip with all of my favorite people in the world (of course other than my sweet guys back at home) and just shopping & playing & talking til all hours of the night.... then on the other hand I imagined my precious baby, who normally literally still sleeps all day and is up to sleeping 7 hour stretches at night becoming monster baby (as these things can tend to happen on trips) and screaming for two 5 hour car drives, being up all night and crying all day and me being ready to check myself into a mental hospital, But thank God she's still in that very portable stage and she literally slept both car rides (except for crying about ten minutes on the ride there and about five minutes on the way back) and practially slept all day for the four days while we shopped & ate out until we dropped. Thank you God! Thank you Viviana. :)

This was my view... that girl is chubbs central! 
This is the big birthday boy!  I love my Dean, he is so stinking cute and I think there is nothing this kid wouldn't do... he has NO fear (which of course is trouble with his fearless cousins, I can only imagine the mischief they'll all get into in a few years).  I know he'll be the class clown & the kid that does whatever the other kids dare him to. He has mischief in his eyes, but man, they are adorable eyes. 
 Happy birthday sweets!

Julie got to spend lots & lots of time cuddling with Viviana! There is nothing better than spending three uninterrupted days of girl time with your amazing sister!

These boys LOVE their Mimi & Papa (who can blame them?).

I love my brother in-laws.... all 3 of them... Firoze, Will & Ivan.... I couldn't be more blessed to have such amazing- funny- generous- kind guys in my life..
This duo (Firoze & I) is trouble here... we laughed about our antics the whole weekend. We're both that kid that would NEVER turn down a dare or do ridiculous things to make people laugh.

We got to spend great time with Rebecca & Will too since we were there 2 weekend days & 2 week days, they hung with us the whole weekend.  And can you believe my incredibly smart 5 year old nephew Devon literally learned to read like overnight? He is reading tons of words, big words without sounding them out or anything! I think that kid may be doing quantum physics in a few years!

For Will being one of the smartest people I know he also has that amazing ability to get down & dirty with the kids and have fun all the time.  
I wanted to post this picture, Viviana's expression was so funny. Vivi started smiling up a storm over the weekend and "talking".  Our conversations went like this:
Me: Viviana, you are SO cute
Vivi: Ughh
Me: I love you SO much!
Vivi: oooooh *grunt* (fart)

It was precious girl talk, lemme tell you.
And of course Julie is the "Pioneer Woman" in our family and she made amazing meals! The only blessing I don't live in the same town as her, I'd be 800 lbs from her meals! 
Viviana getting love from her cousins 
Happy Birthday Deanie!

Loooove chocolate face

And I missed my sweet boys so much and my first day back was definitely my "back to reality" reminder of how easy life is with one baby versus my 3 babies!

This is our day at the park..... 
While we're waiting for Beth & her boys to join us I tell the boys they can play in the little water fountain (which basically would just get your feet wet).  Instead, Judah decides to jump into the "wading pool" (which is clearly marked DO NOT SWIM, it's only for looks) and get soaked up to his shirt and Quinn basically sits under the fountain. So now I have two soaked children, a baby in a Baby B'jiorn and a crap load of picnic stuff, balls and baby junk. I'm trying not to bring to much "north charleston" to the nice Daniel Island park with the Daniel Island moms and go "Kate Gosslin" on my dear boys.

So what's a mama to do? Let the kids go sans pants and eat on the docks!

And the sweet cousins who actually did NOT jump in the wading pool or sit under the fountain wanted to join in the pant-less activities......  
A picture speaks a 1,000 words. If you ever wanted to know the energy of having a 5,4,4,3 year olds together, just look at the looks on their faces.. it says it all! Lol.

Who wears pants to a picnic anyways??

I love hanging out with Beth, if anyone knows exactly what I go thru everyday, it's her. We sure have fun laughing about life together. 
Lil miss will be out numbered by all of her boy cousins!  But I have a feeling if she takes after me, she'll fit right in.  She'll probably be just as rough & tumble as them! 
Thank God for friends who are not afraid of taking a splinter out of a kids foot. Not only is Beth a RN, but she also is not afraid of these things like I am. Unfortunately it did not come out, so Guillermo will have to go digging tonight. I'm getting prepared for lots of screaming. Do you remember getting splinters dug out by your parents when you were young. It's the worse! Right up there with getting your teeth pulled out. Or electrocuted. Or ripped limb by limb. Ok, now I'm just being insane. But seriously, it's like the worst. Say a prayer Lol!


theschmoo said...

YES! I HATED splinters because I knew what would happen if it didn't pull out easily. UGH! Hopefully it was not a toughy. And I love seeing Lulu's little pink shirt with the flower on it in that last picture. V sure does have the coolest little wardrobe! I love the yellow ensemble with the navy stripes. Does that come in big Chara sizes?

Julie said...

I love this post! It will remind us of all the fun we had this weekend. You got some really good pictures and you are right, that is the cutest picture of Dean! It was so, so great to have you here and to stay up late talking. I wish you lived here so we could get all these 5 rascals together more often!

You and Beth are BRAVE to go out with 6 kids. I'm having anxiety just thinking about it. :) It looks like such a nice Charleston spring day. And by the way, Beth has my favorite stroller. Stroller envy! All four big boys together looks like a crazy fusion of energy!!

Viviana is so sweet and cuddly. The best part is to snuggle up with a newborn and to smell their sweet hair and to feel them fall asleep on your chest. She was a little angel and could not have been a better baby. I love my little Via and she has some mad fashion skills! Just wait until I finally post my blog update with the pics of all her ridiculously cute outfits.

Love you!

bethdavidandtheboys said...

What a fun day we had indeed! I sure wish I could have gotten Quinn's splinter out. :( Poor little man. He was so brave though. He never complained once about it.

I'm so glad you got to spend time in ATL w/ Julie and her precious ones. I just love all the pics of Devon and Dean. They are growing too fast! - And Julie cooking at the stove using her awesome culinary skills is making me hungry right now.

So many good memories. :)