Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Best Birthday, Best Guy...

I love celebrating my man, because he really is Super Duper Special.   I've said it before, and I'll say it again, to know him is to love him..  He is just that wonderful and the Best person to have all these chirren with.. I'm not sure what I'd do without him. So I wanted him to have an extra special birthday this year.

My parents took him out for birthday dinner!

I even broke down and wore my Clemson t-shirt for him (since it was his birthday and all)! 
He got a special date day to do all of his favorite things with his 2 favorite girls!

His special date day included getting his new air brushed "Guillermo"/Puerto Rico hat (he was inspired by Pauly D's stalker's hat on Jersey Shore... Lol).

His awesome friend Rusty took him to the Clemson/Carolina baseball game.... 

 He took the boys to our friend's lakehouse for an oyster roast/pig roast
 And our sweet friends, the Oglesby's had us over for lunch which coincided with an amazing birthday weekend!
Viviana was in the hands of pros here, Robin & Joe had a 3 year old and newborn twins at the same time.. I think parents of multiples could handle ANYthing! :) 

I had to post a picture of Vivi in her winter coat from her Abuelo & Abuela- isn't that the cutest snow bunny ever? 
And our special family dinner- Guillermo, you are amazing. Thank you for being YOU. Happy birthday babe!

And happy birthday to my dear, sweet, amazing friend Elizabeth. Life wouldn't be the same without you!

And happy birthday to these amazing people who had a birthday since Viviana was born and never got a blogy blog shout out- you guys are all family or like family and so amazing & wonderful and I am SO happy & blessed to have you in my life:

Beth, Dona Maria & Don Jose, Paul & Angela, Luke

I asked Quinn to watch Vivi while I grabbed the laundry and this is what I came back to.. some moments just take your breath away. I am so, so, so thankful the boys are so sweet to their sister. Now only if they could be sweet like that to each other! Sigh.
 Beth (how lucky am I to have a friend who is an amazing photographer??) got some amazing pics of the kids the other day.....
Sitting still... looking at the camera and not making a silly face, wow, amazing!

Look at that chunker!! The only time in a girls life, the chunkier you are and roly-polyier you are, the cuter you are! Eat it up sister! 
Vivi has the most thoughtful serious eyes that are just taking everything in.

I just want to eat up that little face. I heard a comedian say recently on TV that when their kids were young they wanted to eat them up and then when they were older, they wish they had. Pretty funny.

Holla at ya later blog world!


Julie said...

Yay! So excited for a new blog post from you. Always makes my day to see those sweet faces. I love seeing all Viviana's cute outfits, but that little sweater coat from her Abuela & Abuelo is the cutest thing ever!

So glad G had such a great birthday weekend. He deserves it! I can't believe I am seeing you in a Clemson t-shirt! That is like Freaky Friday!! :)

Beth takes great pics and I love how crisp her photos turn out! I can't wait to see more. By the way, where was Judah for this photo shoot? Was he pouting? :)

Keep these posts coming. Can't wait to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


bethdavidandtheboys said...

Awe! Happy Belated birthday to Gmo and E! I'm so glad you and Gmo enjoyed such a fun day out on the town doing some favorite things and shopping for his fave stuff. I love his new hat. How awesome is that?!