Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We're so fancy on Valentine's Day! JK.

We love to celebrate love!  To celebrate tonight, we got all fancy and went to our first "real" family outing (other than to my parents or Target pharmacy) to a very romantic dinner (LOL).

Chinese buffet. Hey, where else can you literally stop to grab a plate of food for two hungry toddlers before your newborn wakes up ON THE WAY to the table? Score!

Gotta love my cookie from Guillermo, "Butt" one of our many nicknames for each other. Probably not the best nick name, but hey-makes for a funny Valentine. 
My funny Valentines..... 
My silly Valentine...
My sleepy Valentine.... 
....with her gangsta lean & fancy Valentine's jeweled head band. ;) 
Praise.The.Lord. for a son who can hold a bottle WHILE we drive! 
Quinn's monkey, who he named Goliath 
Judah's giraffe, who he named David.. 
I got some cute pics of Vivi with her eyes open, so I am posting several for all of our family & friends out of town! 
 I think my lack of color in my face rivals Edward Cullen's pale hue!
We've spent more time in bed in the past 2.5 weeks than I've spent in there in the past year. Fa Realz. 

Mama Loves.

Thank you God for such wonderful Valentines!


Home school Mom said...

Awww.....so sweet! Looks like everyone is doing well and surviving! :D
Happy Valentine's Day! :)

Julie said...

Your cookie made me laugh out loud! I'm glad you are surviving and can even celebrate Valentine's Day. I hope you all get well very soon.

And I want more pics of that adorable baby!


bethdavidandtheboys said...

I love love love that cookie! Oh and chinese buffet is the best family dinner outting ever! Especially when breastfeeding and the need to consume more calories is so important. Yum! I love the new pics of Viviana. She reminds me so much of your sweet Judah.