Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just Hanging with our Homies......

Viviana says, let me tell you about my homies......
You see the "love to my homies" chest bang? 
Opps! How'd this picture get out of order? Oh well!  Look at that little girl in her summer clothes already!  It was so hot lately we almost turned on our air conditioning! Thank God for ceiling fans!

Now that we're all doing better & are mobile, we get to hang out with some of our favorite homies..... 
Gale, we love you, even though you're trying to convert her to the "dark side"...... (look at that purse).... 
You too Larry! 
Look, we captured a tiny smile! (of course, Murphy's law, it came out blurry...) 
Why do these pictures always turn out crisp & clear??? ;)

Do your kids POUT??? My kids just started. NOT FUN. 
Masters degree in pouting. 
 Associates degree in pouting. (thank God for small favors right)
Oh, and look at Viviana's expression here, this was everyone on sunday morning - my "wonderful" morning getting the kids ready to go to church all by myself because Guillermo was already at church playing drums for the early service.  Let me just say, next time he plays drums we may just have to play hookie from church... it was like the worst morning ever. How do single mamas of many kids do it? I just don't know!

And we got to visit our "cousins" the Van Houtens, and Levi and Vivi got to spend some QT together on the playmat....

Look! It's the little boy parade!

And a picture of all the kids! Beth is my "oldest" closest friendship, she's been one of my best friends since 1992, freshman year in high school. Between the two of us we have a 5 year old, two 4 year olds, a 3 year old and two newborns. How cool (or crazy, depending on how much you love kids- Lol) is that! 
And speaking of close friends, I got to hang out with some of my closest friends when I celebrated my first patrol supervisor's retirment.  Dale Wilson was one of the best supervisors I've ever had, such a godly man of integrity, I never, ever heard him swore the whole time in patrol, which if you ever watched Cops (the show) you know it's hard to do.... he was one of the "burliest" cops out there too.... if you got in a fight with him, watch out! What a bitter sweet moment seeing him retire as a police Lieutenant... 
The only three members of the original Squad D- the people/time in my life that has shaped me as an adult more than anything else.. what a great squad. We always had each other's back, I think it was because of Dale's leadership we were a very cohesive unit that always worked as a team,  we shared our life like each other was family, because that's how it is in po-po world, your squad becomes your best friends and like brothers.

In this picture next to me is Dale, and next to him is Dave Osborne. And Cooper, Brooks and Brandon, also original members of squad D, love ya'll!


Julie said...

First of all, you are brave to get 3 kids ready, plus to put anything on besides pajamas! I love, love, love seeing Via in those cute little tights with the Mary Jane "shoes." Those are so cute and girlie!

I can't wait to see a real smile out of her. Knowing Judah and Quinn's bright, wide smiles, I know she'll be a little beam of sunshine!

That outfit with the leopard print flower headband is so cute and so is her little pout.

I hope Judah and Quinn's pouting phase doesn't last too long. :(

Love you!

Mrs Woo said...

sorry, but even your kids pouts are cute. it's true!
Viviana is changing so fast, but she still looks just like you and judah. i need to try some different headbands Matilda doesn't like the ones i have, so it's been a no to bows! tear.

theschmoo said...

I totally echo your solo Sunday whoas. Ugh! It is excruciatingly hard. We usually don't make it if I'm solo.

bethdavidandtheboys said...

Awe! You are such an amazing Mama to get all 3 of your babes ready for church and get out the door... by yourself!! I don't think I could have done it! It's enough to make me want to pout. I have to agree with Mrs. Woo though, that your kids are still adorable even with their little pouty faces.

And our little people all together on the couch is too precious. Viviana is our little pink princess amoungst the sword weilding armored knights! I love the pic of her in the summer outfit by the way. She's so cute!