Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Deja Vu?

This itty bitty bebe stage has seemed a little bit like deja vu from day to day and week to week. Not only have I been more "home bound" than I've ever been in my life, due to illness/feeling like crap/kid's sick, but we've only had one car for three weeks while Gmo's car has been out of comission.  So the days all seem to go together, but somehow 4 weeks has FLOWN by. It makes me want to cry that my baby girl is 4 weeks old on Thursday and that I am almost 1/3 thru my maternity leave.. I try to live in the moment and pray God helps the days go by slowly.... even the days I want to pull my hair out with two rambunctious little boys. :)
Is it a full moon? Because yesterday & today the boys were on the verge of turning into little monsters, they were SOO wild!!! Look at these faces! It says it all! Lol. 
And the life with two 110% B.O.Y.S- one that trips and goes face first into the door at 4am while he's trying to go to the bathroom and it just so happens that I was pumping and Guillermo was feeding Viviana a bottle.... so we were all a little bit frazzled.. his goose egg didn't get so big this time (he's the KING of goose eggs on his forehead) and we tell him it's fun to watch the bruise turn a new color on his forehead everyday. 
And then this guy, the next day puts his tooth thru his lip on the trampoline running his mouth into Quinn's noggin' (poor head).. Judah is the KING of the split lip... it was a God coincidence that we happened to have a Dr's appt that day anyways, so we could have the lip checked out. Thankfully no stitches! (P.T.L- I think I would've passed out if I had to be the mama support while I watched someone stitch my baby's lip- how do parents do it? Am I allowed to run away screaming when my kids have traumatic medical events happen? Like I said, thank God no stitches, no running away screaming like a lunatic)

Guillermo is teaching the boys how to cook like him, so of course they have to learn how to make salsa verde! (and a side note, someday Quinn will have to learn how to smile properly, right?)
Still being amazing, sweet and *almost* always gentle big brothers! 
This one is especially attentive and freaks out everytime Viviana makes a peep.... he wants her to always be happy! 
Proud Papi 
I had to post these next few pics, newborn baby clothes are so fun- and the clothes we've been given are all so RAD. I mean, c'mon, I want a pair of pj's with bunny feet.. so much cooler than in the Christmas Story. 
And "power to the people" and baby jeggings. LOL. 
Nothing is cuter than baby bears right? 
Look! Tummy time! Which at this point is more like FACE PLANT into the red birdie.. but hey, we're working on those muscles!


Julie said...

I can't believe those two little rascals, bot getting busted up on the same day. Poor Quinn with his color changing bruise and poor Judah with his not-Angelina-Jolie lips! :( And most of all, poor you for having to deal with this nightmare!! I'm glad you are documenting life on your blog because one day you'll look back and read this and think "I don't know how I lived thru THAT!"

Now on to sweet Viviana and her fashion show... Could she be any cuter? I don't think so! I love seeing all her cute baby girl clothes and I get to live vicariously through you, so keep em' coming!

Love you. Miss you!

bethdavidandtheboys said...

look at those sweet big boys with their boo-boos! you are right about them being 110% boy! :) so glad Judah's lip didn't require stiches... and Viviana is looking so alert and observant. Her eyes are so pretty. She has those "melt your heart" baby eyes that I love! What a sweet baby girl!!