Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just Hanging with our Homies......

Viviana says, let me tell you about my homies......
You see the "love to my homies" chest bang? 
Opps! How'd this picture get out of order? Oh well!  Look at that little girl in her summer clothes already!  It was so hot lately we almost turned on our air conditioning! Thank God for ceiling fans!

Now that we're all doing better & are mobile, we get to hang out with some of our favorite homies..... 
Gale, we love you, even though you're trying to convert her to the "dark side"...... (look at that purse).... 
You too Larry! 
Look, we captured a tiny smile! (of course, Murphy's law, it came out blurry...) 
Why do these pictures always turn out crisp & clear??? ;)

Do your kids POUT??? My kids just started. NOT FUN. 
Masters degree in pouting. 
 Associates degree in pouting. (thank God for small favors right)
Oh, and look at Viviana's expression here, this was everyone on sunday morning - my "wonderful" morning getting the kids ready to go to church all by myself because Guillermo was already at church playing drums for the early service.  Let me just say, next time he plays drums we may just have to play hookie from church... it was like the worst morning ever. How do single mamas of many kids do it? I just don't know!

And we got to visit our "cousins" the Van Houtens, and Levi and Vivi got to spend some QT together on the playmat....

Look! It's the little boy parade!

And a picture of all the kids! Beth is my "oldest" closest friendship, she's been one of my best friends since 1992, freshman year in high school. Between the two of us we have a 5 year old, two 4 year olds, a 3 year old and two newborns. How cool (or crazy, depending on how much you love kids- Lol) is that! 
And speaking of close friends, I got to hang out with some of my closest friends when I celebrated my first patrol supervisor's retirment.  Dale Wilson was one of the best supervisors I've ever had, such a godly man of integrity, I never, ever heard him swore the whole time in patrol, which if you ever watched Cops (the show) you know it's hard to do.... he was one of the "burliest" cops out there too.... if you got in a fight with him, watch out! What a bitter sweet moment seeing him retire as a police Lieutenant... 
The only three members of the original Squad D- the people/time in my life that has shaped me as an adult more than anything else.. what a great squad. We always had each other's back, I think it was because of Dale's leadership we were a very cohesive unit that always worked as a team,  we shared our life like each other was family, because that's how it is in po-po world, your squad becomes your best friends and like brothers.

In this picture next to me is Dale, and next to him is Dave Osborne. And Cooper, Brooks and Brandon, also original members of squad D, love ya'll!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Deja Vu?

This itty bitty bebe stage has seemed a little bit like deja vu from day to day and week to week. Not only have I been more "home bound" than I've ever been in my life, due to illness/feeling like crap/kid's sick, but we've only had one car for three weeks while Gmo's car has been out of comission.  So the days all seem to go together, but somehow 4 weeks has FLOWN by. It makes me want to cry that my baby girl is 4 weeks old on Thursday and that I am almost 1/3 thru my maternity leave.. I try to live in the moment and pray God helps the days go by slowly.... even the days I want to pull my hair out with two rambunctious little boys. :)
Is it a full moon? Because yesterday & today the boys were on the verge of turning into little monsters, they were SOO wild!!! Look at these faces! It says it all! Lol. 
And the life with two 110% B.O.Y.S- one that trips and goes face first into the door at 4am while he's trying to go to the bathroom and it just so happens that I was pumping and Guillermo was feeding Viviana a bottle.... so we were all a little bit frazzled.. his goose egg didn't get so big this time (he's the KING of goose eggs on his forehead) and we tell him it's fun to watch the bruise turn a new color on his forehead everyday. 
And then this guy, the next day puts his tooth thru his lip on the trampoline running his mouth into Quinn's noggin' (poor head).. Judah is the KING of the split lip... it was a God coincidence that we happened to have a Dr's appt that day anyways, so we could have the lip checked out. Thankfully no stitches! (P.T.L- I think I would've passed out if I had to be the mama support while I watched someone stitch my baby's lip- how do parents do it? Am I allowed to run away screaming when my kids have traumatic medical events happen? Like I said, thank God no stitches, no running away screaming like a lunatic)

Guillermo is teaching the boys how to cook like him, so of course they have to learn how to make salsa verde! (and a side note, someday Quinn will have to learn how to smile properly, right?)
Still being amazing, sweet and *almost* always gentle big brothers! 
This one is especially attentive and freaks out everytime Viviana makes a peep.... he wants her to always be happy! 
Proud Papi 
I had to post these next few pics, newborn baby clothes are so fun- and the clothes we've been given are all so RAD. I mean, c'mon, I want a pair of pj's with bunny feet.. so much cooler than in the Christmas Story. 
And "power to the people" and baby jeggings. LOL. 
Nothing is cuter than baby bears right? 
Look! Tummy time! Which at this point is more like FACE PLANT into the red birdie.. but hey, we're working on those muscles!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We're so fancy on Valentine's Day! JK.

We love to celebrate love!  To celebrate tonight, we got all fancy and went to our first "real" family outing (other than to my parents or Target pharmacy) to a very romantic dinner (LOL).

Chinese buffet. Hey, where else can you literally stop to grab a plate of food for two hungry toddlers before your newborn wakes up ON THE WAY to the table? Score!

Gotta love my cookie from Guillermo, "Butt" one of our many nicknames for each other. Probably not the best nick name, but hey-makes for a funny Valentine. 
My funny Valentines..... 
My silly Valentine...
My sleepy Valentine.... 
....with her gangsta lean & fancy Valentine's jeweled head band. ;) 
Praise.The.Lord. for a son who can hold a bottle WHILE we drive! 
Quinn's monkey, who he named Goliath 
Judah's giraffe, who he named David.. 
I got some cute pics of Vivi with her eyes open, so I am posting several for all of our family & friends out of town! 
 I think my lack of color in my face rivals Edward Cullen's pale hue!
We've spent more time in bed in the past 2.5 weeks than I've spent in there in the past year. Fa Realz. 

Mama Loves.

Thank you God for such wonderful Valentines!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Walking thru the Valley....

I feel like I've walked thru the valley of the shadow of death in the past two weeks with major issues with the C section and now I have mastitis, but I am encouraged because I see light at the end of the tunnel. All of my issues with C section have gone way down to a tolerable level, and since I know (from having it with Judah) that mastitis clears up quite quickly after a day or so on antibiotics. Of course in the meantime it's like the worst flu of your life, but at least I know it is short lived.  I think if I have to make one more trip to the phamarcy after going to the Dr with no makeup, rats nest hair, crazy stretchy pants (basically my pajamas) I will lose my mind. Sigh.

Ok, enough complaining and onto the GOOD stuff.

My Vivi is just the BEST baby. Praise the Lord. She was calm & wonderful in the womb and she is calm and wonderful outside of the womb. Plus all she wants to do is sleep. Which is just kind of wonderful for a sick mama.

My little angel

To make matters more interesting, both boys are sick with colds and it's a pretty heinous cold, they've been sick for almost two weeks come Monday. Please pray Viviana doesn't get sick!

Being sick doesn't hold my monkeys back from doing their monkey thing!

The boys are still doing unbelievable with Vivi. They just want to kiss her all day long. They are ok with only kissing her hair 20 times a day (since they are sick).....

It's hard to get a picture of Viviana with her eyes open, cause it's pretty limited how often she is awake and when she is, we all rush to talk to her and love on her, especially me. We just snuggle and I tell her how awesome she is. :) 

Can you see how Loooong her little fingers are??

I hope Viviana appreciates that she's related to real super heros to protect her!

Look at that proud Papa!  After having three girls, and 4 grandsons, he has a first grandaughter!

And despite the busyness of life, we couldn't not have a family superbowl party! The boys LOVE our family parties because they get to drink "special drink" (sprite or gingerale) and a bunch of junk food.

Speaking of food, I wanna give a shout out to my awesome friends & family & church family who have brought us food for almost two weeks!  The church alone set up a schedule for over a week of meals delivered every single night, which has been AMAZING!!!  What a testimony of Christ's love in action.  We looooove our church family.  (if you wanna check them out, google search: Journey Church Summerville SC)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.....

Our first week has truly been the best of times and worst of times. Everything having to do with babies and kids is pretty wonderful. Viviana is the best, the best eater, sleeper and such a great baby.  The boys have been pretty phenominal with her and have obeyed and listened (and watched more TV in the past week than probably the past year) pretty well for having this major life change in our family.

The "worst of times" is my body. I have never, ever been in more pain in all of my life. Twice I've hurt so bad, my whole body is basically convulsing and it's very scary. I've barely been able to get out of bed for several days.  I went to see the Dr and he said that everything seems normal and where I'm feeling so much pain is the start of the inside incision.. and to just be on the lookout for signs of infection. I just wish he could feel what I'm feeling. :(  but I just pray that by the end of next week or sooner I feel slightly more human again. Thank God for my very concerned family & friends who have found great advice for recovering from a c section, but if you have any suggestions for me, I'd love to hear them too!

This is the best.

It's happening, we're a family of 5 (gulp !!!) now! Seriously, how did that happen. (ok. ok. we get the birds & bees, but just sayin..... it's crazy). 
God's best surprise for our family. 
Pinky baby! 
Viviana was born with a major miniture fan club (like 4 foot and under fan club).  Quinn EVERY day ALL day is so concerned for her well being. Judah is the best big brother, but he's been sick with a cold, so the poor guy can't really get near her right now. :(

The boys were very excited about their slippers from Abuela & Abuelo from Italy! 

Did you have real Italian shoes from Italy when you were a week old??? Lol. :)

Here are some of the amazing pictures my sister Julie took in the hospital:

Thank you Julie, you're the best!!

And I can't say THANK YOU enough for everyone who has prayed for us, prayed for my recovery, brought us food, said/texted/emailed/commented such encouraging sweet words. I love you all!