Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Showered with Love!

I was given a shower by three of my sweetest, most wonderful friends.  I was so blessed by them and I am SO thankful they are in my life!
Gale, Beth & Elizabeth, I love you girls!! 
The spread was my dream meal. Lots of delicious "party" food to graze on, including lots of cheese and crackers. If only this could be at my house EVERYday!! 
I only got a few pictures on my camera, but here you can see the 9 month bump in all it's glory, and Mrs. Judson & Masie!

I am overwhelmed by the goodness, love & generosity that have been poured out on my family & Viviana over the past 9 months. People have given Vivian the most beautiful clothes, boxes & bags full and other wonderful baby items and just amazing gifts at the shower... I am SO blessed by all of you.  I just stand in her room and I am in awe of the love you have shown us for this little baby.

Some of the precious goodies from her shower..... 
And from friends & family....

I can't believe all of the amazing handmade items Vivivana's Bisabuela (Guillermo's Grandma) made for Viviana.  Among the items she sent, she made herself 8 blankets (including a twin sized fleece blanket), a gorgeous pillow that says "God bless Viviana" and a diaper organizer that hangs on the crib (all in her coordinating crib skirt fabric), burp cloths and hooded towels. I can't even imagine how much time & effort all of this sewing/crocheting must've taken but I will especially cherish these precious items, they mean so much!

Can you see all the beautiful edging on the blankets and burp cloths?

The nursery! Finally in it's full FINISHED glory! (sorry for the abundance of pictures, but I've promised several people I'd post lots of pics, since I've talked about the nursery for so long and it's finally all together).

The inspiration board that started it all:

A few minor things changed..... but overall, this board helped me stay organized while we found all the different components to the room. 
This picture was before I got the crib skirt... but I have to tell you about some of the deals we found here.  The bookcase & dresser we found for CHEAP on Craigslist (I heart CL) and Guillermo painted (God bless him, I think he's spent about a month straight painting everything).  My sister found the curtains from a thrift store!  The rug (s) are 2- 3x5 from Garden Ridge that we gorilla taped together and you'd barely be able to tell they're two rugs for about 1/4 the cost of a big rug.  
I had a shabby chic theme in my room in college, and saved all the decor which most of it is being reused in Viviana's room (the chandelier, the pictures, the lamp)..... 
Guillermo painted the stripes on the canvas and the letters on the painting are actually yellow glitter card stock for scrapbooking. I figure they'd be brighter than actually painting..
And I KNOW the big green mobile is a huge eye sore in this pretty feminine room, but it's like baby crack. That wonderful mobile gets mama a shower, makeup & my hair done while the baby stares like they're hypnotized while it flutters & spins.... so it stays. ;) 
My amazing crib skirt made by Abuela.  And I should mention, my dear, sweet husband spent hours/days painting this crib from light oak color to light yellow. I love that man.
The perfect quilt I found on Etsy and the gorgeous blanket made by Shelly for Viviana (can you see that the flowers actually make a skull face? Is that my perfect baby blanket or what?! Love it!) 
The world's most perfect diaper stacker/organizer made by Abuela. 
And the new pillow made by Abuela. 
The $40 dresser I found after weeks or even months of searching on CL (painted by my hubby) and knobs from World Market.  

These amazing dresses were given to me, the top left is a dress from my mother in law and the bottom right was my Grandpa's christening gown, and the gown my Dad and I wore for our baptism! It is over 100 years old! 
The antique doll was mine growing up, the bird on the book - bookends were my Dad's growing up and can you believe I found that Paddington Bear in mint condition at the junkiest thrift store about 5 years ago?

If you've been to my house in the past 6 months, you know that I've had several cream colored paint samples taped to my walls. My sister heard I wanted to repaint the living room from the carmel color to a cream color and offered me 5 gallons of cream paint she never used for her house.. so we finally got the paint over the holiday and Guillermo spent part of his holiday painting the living room and hall! It's a total change from 6 years of the darker color, but I love it! 

And my new drapes I got for Christmas! 
I searched for at least 2 months straight for perfect drapes and finally found some at World Market!

And last but not least, we celebrated Three Kings Day (the "day the wisemen got to Jesus with their gifts", it's a holiday typically celebrated by hispanic cultures, and celebrated by Guillermo and his family and a tradition we'll carry on).......  

The hard part was to convince the boys that although they got lots of m&ms as a gift, they were not allowed to eat them all that day! 
The boys favorite Christmas song is the Chipmunk song and I may be regretting buying this Alvin who sings the Chipmunk song. I think I've heard it about 88 times in the past few days.  
And the best game, Hungry Hungry Hippos... we LOVE the gift of games in our house.. and it's so awesome that both boys are at the age where they can start playing games with us!


bethdavidandtheboys said...

wow! I love love love her room. The handmade blankets, pillow, and crib organizer are just so perfect. The cream in the living room looks great too! Love your new curtains as well. The brown really accents your sofa perfectly. :)

bethdavidandtheboys said...

Viviana's room looks absolutely perfect! I love love love it! Now we are all ready for bebe!!

Julie said...

THIS is the post I have been waiting on! Yay! So excited to see everything that we have talked about for months be completed and look so amazing!

Let me start with Viviana's room... you created such a sweet, modern, colorful, unique, and vintage space for her. The color palette is so pretty and it all just works together. I absolutely love all the last little details that were sewn by G's grandma. She needs to open an Etsy shop!! The crib skirt is amazing. I still can't believe how the curtains, Etsy quilt, and the crib skirt all look like they came from some expensive baby boutique. I can't believe it all worked out and everything combines your colors of the purples, yellows and neutral tones. Viviana is a blessed little girl!

Second, I know you were so excited about your baby shower. What a wonderful thing to have friends that love you and support you so much!!

Lastly, I'm so glad that my paint "mistake" became your paint "desire." God worked it out so you could get your paint, have G paint the entire house and have it all done by the time little V arrives. Your pics of the living room make it look so clean and spacious. Now you just need a few more pops of color. Btw... love your new yellow drapes!

So glad for the big, picture-filled post. Made my day!
Love, Julie

Mrs Woo said...

Viviana's room is PERFECT! Absolutely perfect! That bookshelf is amazing! The vintage dresses hanging on the bird cage - perfect! The bright colors and bold patterns, her changing table & bits - all perfect! The Amour Painting turned out so well!
You've got some mad interior design skeels fo sho! We'll have to hire you for our place!
I totally agree with Julie, it looks like you dropped hundreds and hundreds at a posh boutique!

Three cheers for party food, I'm all about cheese and crackers too. I need to get my mitts on some pepper cheese to get this labor going! I can just see those adorable dresses and things on your dark haired little princess.

Great job GMO!!! What a great Daddy & Husband. I want to give him a big ole cuddle for doing all of that work, it's not even my house but I appreciate it so much!!! Ha!

Here we are at the end, I still can't believe it! The next photos we'll see of that amazing nursery you've created will have a baby Vivi in it!

Home school Mom said...

WOW!!! You have been VERY busy! I LOVE it all! You have such a knack for decorating and putting all those special touches in each room. I love Viv's room and I LOVE your living room! The living room curtains are amazing! Awesome job! You are now officially ready for your sweet baby girl! ;)
Can't wait for those pictures as well! ;)

theschmoo said...

I love the color change in the living room and the curtains! Helps those precious photos pop! And Vivian's room is AMAZING! I so wish we lived closer so we can thrift together and you can help me on CL. I am clueless but have good ideas. I wish I was closer to help with the boys or sweet Viv or just to take you to lunch before the baby comes. Love and miss you friend! We will be down your way on to Savannah in April. I will be bringing Miss Viv some things along the way. :o)

Jackie Miller said...

Courtney. Seriously. Stop it with your amazing decorating skills and your creativity. Just stop it. I LOVE the room and I think that rug looks great! I can't believe this is the week!!!!!! Oh my goodness. On another note, can you email me your address? I think I have it but I want to double check. Of course, if you don't get to it for another month because you're too pregnant to roll over and look at your comments, you're in pain because you're in labor, or you're sleeping because you haven't slept, no big deal! If it happens to be on your radar one random day, just email it to me! jacquelyn_roberts@yahoo.com (same old email you probably have). Will be praying for you this week! And we want to see pictures IMMEDIATELY!!!!!! :)