Thursday, January 19, 2012

Only one more week at the most!!

I could've cried today when the Dr told me I was at 3 cm! So now, for sure, I will have a baby between now and my induction date of next thursday, January 26th!  Both boys were a week late and I went thru the same stress with them, I wasn't sure when to stop working (and of course going to work when you're 40 weeks pregnant is like torture) because I didn't want to waste my precious time off without a baby here!  So God has blessed me today to know I can stop working as of tomorrow and not "waste" more than 3 days off  at most without a baby here!

God is GOOD! Thank you for your prayers & well wishes!

So what do you do when you're waiting patiently for a baby? (other than lay on your couch and veg as much as possible, especially when everytime you stand up you have shooting pains and contractions until you sit back down again)??

You go on an amazing date day with your hubby, go thrifting, eat great korean food from a stinky Asain market cafeteria and get a pedicure of course!
This is Guillermo's first pedicure and he LOVED it.  He convinced himself it was "ok" to get a pedicure since "All the NFL guys get pedicures too"... LOL... C'mon, who doesn't like getting their feet rubbed. If he were getting red nail polish and wearing peep toe heels, it'd be another thing.. ;)

When you finally have a spurt of energy at 630pm, you head out to the park. I had to post this awesome sky! Guillermo told me "when God wants to make the sky REALLY special, He paints it Clemson colors (orange/purple)".... so now everytime I see a beautiful sunset I think of that silly saying... 
That sky is just amazing.. and Quinn is finally tall enough to do the "super man" by himself on the swing.. my big boys!

I had to post this, this is the difference between when I ask Judah to sit on the slide and smile for me to take a picture and Quinn..... 
It's like he's being tortured!! 
So you get a brother to "hug" him for a second and snap a quick picture! :)

Maybe my next post will be with a new little bebe girl!


Mrs Woo said...

wooooooo hooooooo!!!!!!!!! and what a fun date you guys had! not long!

Home school Mom said...

YAY!!! So happy for you! I"m glad she's almost here! Not long now! Next pictures! ha ha :)! I hate getting my feet rubbed!!! I'm that 1% that hate it! I will not let anyone touch my feet! I hate it to the MAX!
LOL :) Looks like a really fun date though! You guys are so fun and creative! ;)