Sunday, January 29, 2012

Love Multiplies

Our precious little Viviana Laine Soler was born on January 26, 2012 at 10:19PM. 

She was 8lbs and 6 oz and 20 inches long.

It was the most rollercoaster labor of my life..... but worth every second of it!
Welcome to the world my precious little angel!!

Although I was induced, I started laboring on the way to the hospital. After getting pitocin and my water broken, I waited in numbed (epidural) bliss!

After a loooong day, it turned out Viviana was (forgot the medical term) but forehead up (head facing up, instead of down) and she couldn't get past ther cervix... so I had my first C-section (I was so scared, but during the actual procedure God gave me such a peace)..

Here is my faithful, amazing, encouraging, praying labor team! Elizabeth, Julie, Dad & Mom, what would I do wtihout you?? I love you guys!

Of course that teams includes my wonderful hubby, the best Dad ever, the man that was born to be a father to a baby girl!

And her adoring Auntie Julie who always takes my babies first amazing pictures (hopefully to come soon)!

Vivi's amazing, best older brothers who were simply in awe of her (for a few minutes, then they wanted to dig into the big bag of candy they brought with my parents- Lol)!

My sweet kids.  My heart melts!

We had so many loving visitors, I'm so sorry if I forgot to take your picture! We were so blessed by your visit & love & prayers & sweet flowers & balloons!

My dear friend Gale

My amazing sis, Julie

Viviana's "second mama", sweet Evelina

Viviana's awesome Mimi & Papa- with their first Grandaughter!

Look at those three angels. Does it get any better?

Judah was soooo much more into being a big brother than I expected him to, since he's not been into babies like Quinn has been. Judah is about to burst with pride.  The boys are going to be her little protectors!

The best, loving Mimi

Sweet Tio & Miss Kat

So much love!
My dear friend, Auntie Beth

The best, most helpful Daddy!

Viviana's Godparents- awesome Uncle Will & Aunt Rebecca

We got home last night, the boys couldn't get enough of Viviana! 

Viviana has been amazing! We're working thru the normal nursing stuff, but so far she has been the best sleeper, the best disposition, so calm and feminine right from the start! She sleeps sooo well, which I pray continues! My heart is so full.

It's so true. When you have more kids, love isn't divided, love multiplies. I couldn't have more love for my sweet little amazing girl who was that missing puzzle peice from our family.  We are so blessed!

Thank you for all of your prayers & loving words!


The Tylers said...

Just so you know...I am sitting here crying happy tears for you guys! I am so so so overwhelmingly happy for you all. If you need anything during the day, call me! She is beautiful!

thetalbotts said...

I have checked your blog about a million times dying to hear all about Viviana, and it was worth waiting a couple of days for it. You have me in tears over here...there's just nothing like seeing your baby for the first time. Thanks for the in the world did you get that done with all that you've been through in the past couple of days? You're amazing! And your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!

Julie said...

Such an amazing time to be with you and to see Viviana be born healthy and beautiful! What a blessing she is going to be in all of our lives. You are so right, our love has multiplied with each baby that has come into our family. You were such a trooper and you were very brave having your c-section! What an exhausting labor story you'll be able to scare her with... many years from now! :)

P.S. I love that photo of me laying next to Viviana. Finally a photo that I don't hate! :) That was the best part of the whole trip, getting to lay down and snuggle that sweet little face.

bethdavidandtheboys said...

What a beautiful sweet baby girl! Just love all the pics. Her big brothers look so proud and they'll be such big helpers in the months to come. Congrats!!

theschmoo said...

BAHHHH, I am crying! Tears are streaming down my pathetic face. Anyway, she is gorgeous! Just you wait. A little girl is an amazing unreal thing. You will feel a connection with her different with your boys. Unreal. Not a love that is more or anything, just different. Cool stuff. And MAN is she beautiful! LOVE her little tutu. HAVE FUN! And I love the title of this post. Lulu was forehead up also. NOT fun girl. Proud of you for handling the surprise c-section so well!!!

Jackie Miller said...

Ahhh!!! She looks so much like Judah! My little blogger thing wasn't updating anything, so I just looked at all of this today. Congratulations to all of you! She is precious and sweet and tiny and lovely in every way. Great job! Hope you are getting at least a little bit of sleep. Much love!