Friday, January 6, 2012

Her Official Name

It's official, we have a name! We've known our baby girl would be Viviana since that was the girl's middle name had Quinn been a girl and we both love that name; deciding on a middle name however, has taken us about 8 months.

Viviana Laine Soler

Viviana is named after my Grandma Vivian, whom I just love to pieces and sadly she passed away when I was 4. You know someone was very special when they impact your life in that short amount of time and when you're that young.

I'll never forget how loving and fun she was, I'll never forget how she would let us dump out the entire box of cereal to find the treat inside (kids from the 80's- and before remember this. Holla).  Her legacy lives on with her kids, especially her adoring son & daughter in law (my parents) who talk about her often. I want a legacy like that.

She was beautiful inside & out, such a giving, selfless, godly woman. I would be happy if Viviana is exactly like her. 
My Grandma & I.

So now I have my Judah Andres: "God's Praise" and "Man/Warrior"
Quinn Robert: "Counsel/Intelligence" and "Bright Fame"
and Viviana Laine: "Full of Life" and "Wave"

An additional plus, Laine is Finnish (for Wave) and I'm 1/2 Finnish, so she'll be a 1/4 Finnish.

Now is the waiting game to see when she'll be here! Next week on Thursday at my Dr's appt the Dr will check to see if I'm favorable for an induction and will induce as early as January 23rd if I am! There is the light at the end of the tunnel! Woot Woot!


Julie said...

Couldn't be happier! Love, love, love the name and already love my little Viviana (I already called dibs on the nickname "Via.") She'll be your lively little wave - your little sprite! Can't wait till she's here!!!!!!

Grandma Vivian would be so proud and I'm so happy you are going to carry on her legacy and also our Finnish heritage too. :)

Mrs Woo said...

LOVE IT! Viviana Laine Soler, it's beautiful! I agree with Julie, she'll be a spritely, lively little beauty!
Wow! Induction! Have your contractions continued then? She might arrive on my birthday! Holy Moly! She might even beat Matilda here! I can't believe it's time to welcome them already!

Jackie Miller said...

Don't you love how time just flies when you're NOT the one who is pregnant? How are you only a few weeks away??? That is crazy to me. I LOVE her name!!! I like the spelling of "Laine" too. "Lane" was high on our list for the last three - Russ' mom's middle name is Elaine, and I just really like the name. Anyway, I love it! Very pretty and girly! Now go put your feet up and get to bed early! You're going to have a lot of work to do in a few short weeks (not that you're somehow free of work right now - ha!)!!!!