Tuesday, January 25, 2011

U Know What It Is, Black & Yellow

Uh huh. You know what it is. Black & yellow, black & yellow.
Steelers going to the Super Bowl again! Guillermo's heart goes pitter pat. Lol. 
 And our sweet friends that came over to our football party were ANTI Steelers.. but we still love them anyways.
I hate football, BUT I think I might just like the steelers. Here are the reasons why: 1. I want my hubby to be happy and he's obsessed. 2. They have the best uniform colors, and the best logo. 3. Wiz Khalifa wrote a song about them.  4. Snoop is a fan and named the peewee football team he used to coach the Steelers.  5. Polamalu's hair- have you SEEN that dudes hair? AND he's a really strong Christian.  6. The coach is the most calm and cool coach out there. I've been forced to watch a lot of football in the past nine years and the Steelers coach is who I want with me if we come under an alien attack, he'd be like- it's cool yo- I'll just get big Ben over here.

Judah's new thing. One day out of the blue, he looked at me, crossed his eyes and said "two mamas" and now he won't stop doing it.. Well, when my sister and I were in high school, we used to cross our eyes and tell people we didn't realize they had an identical twin brother (or sister). Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

And last but not least... Happy Birthday to an Awesome Abuela!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I have been craving Japanese Steak House like CRAZY lately. Thank God my parents treated us to a really nice meal and took us out to the restaurant. Hibacheeeeee! Yes. Bring on the corny jokes, bring on the flaming onion volcano and throw shrimp in my face! Yum. Thanks ya'll!
Judah was an old pro with the kiddie chop sticks! (I still use the kid chop sticks too,  that really hurts my asain street cred...)
Quinn still thinks using his fingers is faster than using a fork, forget about chop sticks- the boy wants to shovel food in his mouth as fast as possible.  
After dinner Judah said, Mama, my stomach is soooo full!! Yes son, this is one life lesson you'll learn: you cannot leave a Japanese steak house until you are about to explode! (this is why, preferably you wear stretchy pants to the restaurant) 
I was commenting to my Mom, wow, Quinn ate his WHOLE plate!! Ummm, well I guess half of it fell down his shirt, maybe that was his midnight snack. 
So like all goooood weekends, we include rest, relaxtion AND productivity. We reorganized our laundry room to serve as a craft room.  Our laundry room used to look like someone just shoved every peice of junk in our house in there and we tried as hard as we could to keep it somewhat organized and functional. I am sooo happy with this room now, I think Martha Stewart would give me a gold star for effort. Or she'd sucker punch me and say "WIRE SHELVING and NO matching storage containters!!" ;)
For Christmas we had a secret Santa gift exchange at work. I would've never thought of getting this, but my secret Santa got me this awesome craft station. It is SO awesome for kids crafts. She said she got it at the craft store in case you need one too!

And we had to celebrate Steeler's big win against the Ravens. I tried to make this cake's frosting out of melted chocolate and whipped homemade buttercream frosting, but it just looks like a disaster. Let's hope it tastes great! 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You know you have a big boy when......

 Yesterday I came home and Judah proudly showed me his latest artwork. I was fully expecting to see one of his cute colored pictures, or some craft picture or some type of drawing, or practising writing. I never expected to see his first "self portrait", that no one helped him with or told him what to draw.  Now, as I look at the beautiful picture at work, I know that I have a big boy at home... it makes me happy and it makes me sad. Time flies by SO fast!

Why do kids always start off by doing the limbs and a head but no torso? I know it's totally a mom thing  to be so proud of your 3.5 year olds first little picture of themselves, but I had to post it, especially for Mimi, Abuela, BisAbulea and Aunties & Titi! :) 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011, Super Hero Fish and Three Wisemen Day

Every year I attempt to get a good picture of the James Island County Park light showing the new year. No doubt we piss everyone off in line behind us-it's the last light before you leave the park, cause I have to wait for it to light 2011 instead of 2010 and the camera keeps laggin and it keeps taking it when 2010 is lit and I'm like - WE CAN'T LEAVE before I get my shot, this is my one chance.  So silly. and then it's all crazy shaky and out of focus.

New Years Eve peeps!  
We are so wild & crazy! We STAYED home and ate pigs in a blanket! hahahaha. We had our little party and ever since Judah has been asking "is tonight a party?" and thinking he can drink his "special drink" (he got to drink soda).... I think we created a party animal. ;)

What's a party without dancing? So we danced!

I have been dreaming of Judah & Quinn's shared bedroom for about 2 years and 10 months (when I found out I was pregnant and would day dream of those two kids sharing rooms, and doing everything together).   I asked Judah about a year ago what kind of big boy room he wanted and he said he wanted Spiderman- SO- we have been patiently waiting for this big boy, shared bedroom- super hero themed room to come to fruition.  I searched high & low for the right comforters and rugs and sheets and decor items and asked for the bulk of it as Christmas presents, so we waited patiently until Christmas. I asked my uber talented sis, Rebecca to paint some of her amazing paintings for the room. And now it's ALL finally together! Voila!

Now that's talent!

Judah's bed.

Quinn's bed.

YAY! Project complete.

And another Christmas present we got the boys, their very own fish tank! I'm bound and determined not to kill all of these fish, as I have done with every fish I've ever owned, so I did lots of research on them, nitrogen cycles, hearty fish, blah blah blah. STAY ALIVE fishies. Don't scar my kids for life by dying on us. Or by having babies and eating them. Ok, so are you ready for their names? Names by Judah: Hulk, Batman, Spiderman, names by us: Nicki Minaj and Wiz Kalifah. Superheros and hip hop stars- it's the fish posse of the century. Judah said "Wiz is insane! He won't eat food on the bottom" (where did he come up with that?)

It's good to be a Puerto Rican (or half PR in the boys case). Turns out you get presents AFTER Christmas on three wisemen day (January 6th- also my Parents anniversary- 38yrs- HOLLA! What an awesome marriage!! I hope our marriage is just like theirs for 38+ years!) ANYways, on three wisemen day, the wisemen stop by and leave gifts under the bed! Thanks to sweet Abuela & Abuelo, Judah & Quinn got some amazing dress up clothes for their gifts.  
Judah says he's Diego- his new obsession (along with Dora). Map! Backpack! Camera! Aye, aye aye.

It's fire marshall Quinn.

Maybe Judah can start some of those honey-do list items now that he has a tool belt!

Race car Quinny.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's the most wonderfully sappy time of the year.

And so it was, the best time of year, this was by far the best Christmas yet.  We made the most out of the season, doing something amazing and Christmas oriented pretty much every single day. I squeezed every drop of Christmas fun out of the month of December.  The boys were SO excited for Christmas so they could see their family. They asked constantly when they were going to see their Aunties & Uncles and cousins.
We tried to put a few presents under the tree before the big day and little sneakie-sneaks got into them, SO we had to hide every single gift for the entire month. (this is pretty hard when every single room in the house is kid friendly)....
We let the kids do what we begged to do every single year as kids, to open up one present on Christmas Eve after church, I'm glad they weren't disappointed that the gift was only a new pair of pjs! 
Christmas Eve night caps! Probably not the smartest idea to make it with espresso?? As parents you need that extra caffeine to make sure Santa gets in and out of your house safe & sound at 2 am right?
 Cheers, ummm sumpin on your lips guys! 

Christmas Morning! Woot woot! The kids faces when they saw the tree were priceless!!  

And you should've seen looks of shock and awe when the big guy himself showed up at the door on Christmas day!!! It was like the miracle on Hamlet Circle !

Such cousin love... the boys couldn't stop loving on Dean. Thank goodness he's smooch-fabulous!

Christmas is so precious, just to have the family here and to celebrate our dear "bay-bee Dee-zuzzz" (as Quinn calls Him) birth.  

 And to watch the family shower your boys with love and to shower your family with love...

 To have all of the cousins, playing and just loving to be in each other's company...

And this truly was a Christmas miracle gift to me, an *almost* white Chirstmas. It was actually the day after Christmas when we had snow flurries! I guess Quinn didn't like the snow in his eye!

 And then, only in Charleston would it literally be snowing and then 72 degrees in the same week, warm enough to play outside in a t-shirt at the park!! Look at my lil' fence climber!
Yes, Christmas makes me a big SAP! But I love it. Bring on the crafts, the PJs, the gingerbread houses, the 24/7 Christmas music, the Christmas cards, the thoughtful shopping for all of your favorites, being blessed by your sweet family & friend's in the way of time, love, gifts and fun, reading the kids Christmas books every night and watching endless amounts of Christmas movies with your hubby- we even BOUGHT Santa Baby 2- Santa Maybe!! Lol.. it's sad. Even with constantly working late and only a few days off work for the holidays, insane north charleston traffic, being sick and sick family and other irritations that come along with the season, there is nothing that can steal the JOY of the season.  I truly believe Christmas time is just the smallest fraction of a glimpse of what an eternity of celebrating Christ with your HUGE extended family will be like!