Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ugly Christmas Sweaters and the Countdown to Christmas!

Two days before Christmas Ivan had an ugly Christmas sweater birthday party!
Nothing makes you get your SWAG on like an ugly Christmas sweater.  Soler-Remus-Vicens Family Christmas photo 2011. Woot Woot! 
Nothing goes better with a Christmas sweater than gangsta face! 
All those NOT wearing an ugly Christmas sweater were attacked by children. 
They even had a special pregnant Christmas snowman cookie for me! 
Happy birthday Ivan!! We love you. And what an awesome Tio, letting both of his nephews blow out his candles! 
Christmas-fabulous. Dat's right. 
They had a white elephant game and Judah was given a do-rag. Judah said he wanted a "ninja hat" so SCORE. Ninja hat- do-rag! 
Quinn's Christmas turtle neck totally cracks me up! Too bad I couldn't have found him a three dimensional sparkly vest to go with it. Maybe next year?
Our last three advent activities leading up to Jesus' birthday! The anticipation was building!
Gingerbread house. Check.
Birthday card to Jesus. Check. 
Cookies & milk & carrots out for Santa & reindeer. Check.
Family at the Christmas eve service. Check. 
One mama & one Dad who are SO excited because finally we have two kids who totally understand Christmas!  
And two VERY excited little boys......(p.s. getting Quinn to smile & look at the camera is about as elusive as getting a picture of sasquatch nowadays, he really is the most smiley kid around, just does it before/after the camera clicks or turns his head and does it after the picture clicks. sigh)

Christmas, the best celebration all year long. We are so grateful for the reason for the season - for God's gift of Jesus & all He's done for us & the blessings He's given us. And we are so thankful for such wonderful friends and families.

Have the best Christmas ever!

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Julie said...

The first pic of Guillermo, Ivan and Kat is one of the funniest things I have seen!


That pregnant snowman cookie ROCKS! Why didn't I think of that! So creative.