Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rock N' Roll

The ONLY thing that could make me go to a club for a rock n' roll show at 8 months pregnant is to see the Quinton's son: Dante play a show at the Music Farm in his band Future Trunks. Well, maybe if I got free tickets to In Flames I may go too..
I kept saying I was going to stage dive with my big ol' preggo belly and look at the faces of horror of the little high schoolers as the 33 year old mama is about to clobber them.... 
Additional plus, Guillermo & I got to go on a date before the show. It was literally the "battle of the bulge" at our table, Guillermo's stomach would accidentally shove the table to me and I would shove it right back. I kept saying, Let's just sit at a table then, and he didn't want to be those people that couldn't fit in a booth! LOL. 
I'm so proud of Dante, he rocked out!  
Their band was really good and the lead singer sounds like one of my favorite male voices,  the guy from a small indie band called Army of Me. 
That's one proud Dad!
We love Gavin & Dante so much and are so proud of them! And they're almost adults! Tear. 
I had to throw this picture in here.... Judah wanted everyone to see "his" cookies... we've been doing an advent calendar of memories (fun activites everyday) and I realized one night where we had very limited time I had scheduled the "make Christmas cookies" so, thank God for the "pre made" cookie dough, where you just throw it in the oven.  Judah and Quinn couldn't be more proud of their creation.


Mrs Woo said...

Wow! The Music Farm! I remember when I was Dante's age and thought everyone who played at "the farm" was like, a MAJOR rock star!
You are brave! I'm 35 weeks today and I'm not leaving this couch.

Julie said...

What a great idea about your advent calendar of Christmas memories! I'm going to steal that next year. For some reason Santa keeps leaving snowman chocolates in our advent calendar. He must have gotten a buy-in-bulk deal! :)

What a cute pic of Elizabeth and Gavin. I can't even believe how old Dante and Gavin are. Now I officially feel even OLDER!

Love seeing your blog updates. Keep em coming!