Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Sweetheart!

I can't believe my little baby is 3 years old today!!

I admire both of my boys so much and just love their personalities.  To me Quinn is a very unusual child, because he has such an unusually beautiful & loving personality at such a young age. I think he takes after his Daddy in that way. 

Quinn is the most selfless child I've met. Whenever he gets anything for himself, he gets one for Judah too.  He always gives up his nice toy or whatever he's holding if someone else wants it (except for food, LOL).  He is such a peace maker and has the best sense of humor & a total clown. He's usually the first to laugh at something and if you're watching or have an ear to listen, he'll put on a show or talk your ear off.    

Quinn is obsessed with animals and babies and I know he'll be the BEST big brother to his little sister.

Quinn loves to sing and when he sings to me, he looks deep into my eyes and sings his heart out, like he's serenading me, you can tell he loves to do things for people that make them happy. And if he says something funny and people laugh at him, he is so tickled. Like this morning when he said "Mom, I want meatball cereal" (come to find out he was referring back to the count chocula cereal I bought them back at Halloween). Lol.

What pure joy & a blessing he is in my life and to our family.

Happy 3rd birthday my precious little bunny.

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Mrs Woo said...

Happy Birthday Little Man! I can not believe 3 years have gone so quickly! He's gonna love being a big brother by the sounds of it :) x