Friday, December 30, 2011

I heart Christmas!

So, it probably goes without saying but when you have a three & four year old Christmas ROCKS!!! Their excitment, the build up, the enthusiasm for each days activities, it's the best.... of course which makes me so sad when Christmas is over, but we squeezed every ounce of Christmas joy outta Christmas 2011!

I LOVE Quinn's expression here! He & Judah got his "man in the house" that he had been asking for from their Abuela & Abuelo! 
And they LOOOOOVE it!  
And Santa hit a home run with their trampoline! They could jump in that thing for hours. Yesterday they jumped for over 6 hours between three different playtimes outside. Can you even fathom having the energy to jump on a trampoline for 6 hours? Man, must be nice. 
But the BEST gift, is the gift of family. We never take for granted our family members that live close enough that we can celebrate & love on for the big holidays and the normal days too....
Gotta love Dean's slibba slobba here about to shower his "Uncle G" 
 These cousins LOVE each other so much. They are just inseperable!
Papa reading the Christmas story out of the Bible and the boys sitting so nicely to listen.... 
Then more presents! 
Quinn & Judah got some awesome new wheels! 
I think this big wheel is sturdy enough to hold me! When I'm not pregnant anymore I'm going to ride everywhere on it. ;) 
If it has anything to do with race cars, you know Judah is in Heaven... 
I love these little monkeys. What great memories. I remember the fun bath times at my Grandparents house! 
I have the best family in the world for entertaining and loving on the kids, what a blessing. There truly is no better gift than people loving on your kids and making them feel special. 
And of course the sadness that comes along with saying "good bye" to your besties waaaay too soon. :( 
But the best thing was, is more awesome family kept coming for the few days around Christmas! Julie & Firoze & boys came in late Christmas Eve, Ivan, Kat and Carla celebrated with us on Christmas and then Rebecca & Will came in town the day after Christmas.... 
We hit up the James Island County Park lights - roasted marshmallows. YUMMMM. 
And thank God lots of family to help corral Judah & Quinn on the lighted walk because I had been having very painful contractions for three days straight at this point! 
We have so much to celebrate this year! 
You have to watch the boys around my family. We show love in food & treats. Had I not kept an eye out, they probably would've been fed ten marshmallows each! Lol. 

As the merry go round cranked up, I had horrible thought in my head like "oh no, maybe almost 9 month pregnant women shouldn't ride this" and had this image of me going into labor on the thing or spewing like the exorcist child all over the kids on their horses... but thankfully nothing happened. :)
It's always a treat when Uncle Will & Aunt Rebecca come becaus Will chases the kids non stop and lets them play with his iPad games... also, Judah's new thing is "what is ____ made of" and I'm not very scientific and I hate to steer Judah wrong, so when he says what is a rock made of,  I'm like uggghhhhhh... sedimentary material, dust, dirt (???) but when he asks Will, he knows the technical answers for stuff, like how light bulbs work and pistons/engines work and takes the time to explain.. Judah remembered everything he said too!

Now, I've realized that of all of my blessings, one of my family's biggest blessings is that we are just so darn gorgeous... I've included several of our "modeling" photos we took over the holiday just in case Scouted happens across my blog and needs some new models....  Enjoy!

It's almost 2012!! What what!! Have an awesome New Years!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ugly Christmas Sweaters and the Countdown to Christmas!

Two days before Christmas Ivan had an ugly Christmas sweater birthday party!
Nothing makes you get your SWAG on like an ugly Christmas sweater.  Soler-Remus-Vicens Family Christmas photo 2011. Woot Woot! 
Nothing goes better with a Christmas sweater than gangsta face! 
All those NOT wearing an ugly Christmas sweater were attacked by children. 
They even had a special pregnant Christmas snowman cookie for me! 
Happy birthday Ivan!! We love you. And what an awesome Tio, letting both of his nephews blow out his candles! 
Christmas-fabulous. Dat's right. 
They had a white elephant game and Judah was given a do-rag. Judah said he wanted a "ninja hat" so SCORE. Ninja hat- do-rag! 
Quinn's Christmas turtle neck totally cracks me up! Too bad I couldn't have found him a three dimensional sparkly vest to go with it. Maybe next year?
Our last three advent activities leading up to Jesus' birthday! The anticipation was building!
Gingerbread house. Check.
Birthday card to Jesus. Check. 
Cookies & milk & carrots out for Santa & reindeer. Check.
Family at the Christmas eve service. Check. 
One mama & one Dad who are SO excited because finally we have two kids who totally understand Christmas!  
And two VERY excited little boys......(p.s. getting Quinn to smile & look at the camera is about as elusive as getting a picture of sasquatch nowadays, he really is the most smiley kid around, just does it before/after the camera clicks or turns his head and does it after the picture clicks. sigh)

Christmas, the best celebration all year long. We are so grateful for the reason for the season - for God's gift of Jesus & all He's done for us & the blessings He's given us. And we are so thankful for such wonderful friends and families.

Have the best Christmas ever!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Birthdays & Anniversaries!

December is a great month to celebrate in our house. Not only is there with Christmas & all the celebration that happens to celebrate the birth of our Savior, but I also get to celebrate my little man, Quinn's 3rd birthday on Dec. 15th, and my "big" man on our anniversary on Dec. 16th as well.  
I could go on and on and on about what a good husband and father Guillermo is.  I am in so much awe of what a sweet/hardworking/kind/loving/generous/compassionate/loyal/hot :)/fun/funny husband I have.  Guillermo has so many personality traits I wish I had more of: patience, selflessness, flexibility, idealism, non-critical and I know in so many ways we balance each other out.  He is my best friend and greatest support. These past 10 years that we've been together have been the most full, sweetest, best years of my life and marrying him 6 years ago was the biggest blessing of my life.

I love you babe. Happy anniversary!

And then the birthday party of my "baby".... who is quickly becoming my big boy!
This year I kept going back & forth about a big party vs. a little party and a party at our house or going somewhere and thank God I had the sense enough to think a few months ago that 1. I needed it to stay small with how much is going on in December and 2. I did not want it at my house to avoid all the cleaning and clean up afterwards.  When I told Quinn his birthday party was at Chuck E Cheese and then lunch at McDonalds, you would've thought I was telling him we were flying to the moon he was so excited! 
My parents & VanHoutens joined us for Quinn's party. Judah & Jackson were so cute playing air hockey. I think they are both better than me! 
I love the tongue of concentration here. I'm just glad the boys are old enough to understand how to roll the balls rather than throw them like a baseball. Skeeballs hurt!  
I'm so glad I caught Jackson's expression here. It's so fun to "live again" thru a kids eyes. Jackson was in so much awe of this ride, where the seat vibrates and moves to make you feel like you're on a roller coaster. I think the boys rode it twenty times! 
I can't imagine what it's like for my parents, to have taken us to Chuck E Cheese (well, more often Major Magics in MI) all those years and now they're taking their grandkids! With how fast time is flying, I'm afraid this will be me holding my grand kids in the twinkling of an eye!
The friday night before Quinn's party on saturday morning, I organized and planned a Christmas party for 140 people at work, so I knew I didn't have a lot of time to be baking and decorating a cake. I told Quinn (to make the store bought cake super special) that he could decorate it with ANY toy he chose. Right after I said that I was worried he would chose a fluffly stuffed animal. Thankfully instead he chose his extra-appendaged (slightly scary) spiderman! He was SOOO proud of "his" cake. Lol.

Remember in the 80's when birthdays at McDonalds were the JAM??? I'm totally bring that back. The kids will be turning 16 years old and be like UGH, Moooooom, I do NOT want another birthday at McDonalds again! 
Sweet lil' Levi joined in the celebration! 
And just when I get so sad that time is going by too fast and my little babies are growing up...... 
I look at them and for a fleeting moment I can still see that precious baby still there......

...and I look down at my belly and thank God that unlike the last time I had a baby, I am not literally bringing home one baby and have another baby at home, but instead I'll be bringing a baby home to two big, wonderful beautiful brothers who are old enough to potty/eat/dress themselves (well Quinn still needs help dressing himself)-who are my little helpers and I thank God for that blessing. :)