Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ole! Halloween Part 2

Abuela Maria brought back a Matador costume for the boys from Spain and immediately I knew they had to be a Matador and Bull for Halloween! And then I almost had a total meltdown when I couldn't find the bull hat before we got the boys dressed, but THANK GOD I found it!
Is it ironic that they are two things that want to kill each other? LOL. 
But not this cute little bull! Who could hurt him!
Certainly not this sweet matador!
Ok, so he may not be as innocent as he seems!
And then the kids cross the line where they are INTO the pictures.....
And then NOT into the pictures! 
I had to show what Evelina thought of for the boys candy containers. I've been saving our empty Bustella espresso coffee containers forever (BEST, cheapest coffee, as good as Starbucks to me, you can find it at Walmart in a can/brick) and finally she found a great use for them! 
Look at that sweet Matador & Bull 
Quinn was thrilled to the moon to ride a pony!
And Judah was sooo proud of himself and excited to hold the Ball Python- but look at that face, it's so like "Ummm, am I excited or am I freaked out" 
Quinn claimed he wanted to "wear" the snake but jumped back about three feet when she went to put it on his neck!
The boys best buds came out to play at the Halloween fair too (thanks James Island Baptist Church- they put on such an amazing fair that night, if they do it again next year, you should check it out. WAY better than traditional trick or treatin)

And Beth went dressed up like the guy from the Hangover with the baby in the carrier!! Great costume Beth! JK! That's sweet little Levi, being an angel baby all night!

Ok, so now that Halloween is done, it's time for turkey and leaf crafts!! I looove the fall! Woohoo!


Mrs Woo said...

They're seriously some of the most handsome kids ever! I would have been totally freaked out by the snake, I'm with Quinn, 3 ft is close enough thanks.
And what great cans! I bet I could cram a load of knitting needles in one of those things. Or a badly behaved rabbit if I kept the lid ;)

theschmoo said...

I love the costume idea! What a perfect theme! Only you. So wonderful.

Julie said...

Judah needs to be modeling. Not scary hotel casting calls where you pay $100 for some cheesy polaroids. But, real modeling. He's too cute for words! Time for him to earn his keep. :)

BTW, that snake is seriously creepy. What kind of mother ARE you?! :) Ha!

Jackie Miller said...

That is EXACTLY what a snake lady should look like. Witch hat and all.