Monday, November 28, 2011

I love being thankful, especially when it means we celebrate it with LOTS of food!

Thanksgiving break for me started like a child with the anticipation of Christmas. Not only did I know I had two glorious additional days off work, but we were going to get a LOT done in the nursery and the house decorated... it's fun to be productive! :)
And it's fun to make & eat awesome food! Well, let's be honest here, it's fun to EAT awesome holiday food. Who am I kidding, certainly not anyone of you who know me. 
 My father-in-law makes the BEST turkey and I think Guillermo just about nailed it this year with his own turkey (of course copying his Dad's recipe)... that's a 22lb turkey - can you believe it! 

We had a leisurely day playing games and watching christmas shows while making food at our house before our dinner.... 
Quinn has this new thing where he wears socks on his hands. All.Day.Long. We put him to bed in socks, he wakes up with them on his hands. Silly boy. 
Candy Land!
Rebecca made the boys these adorable shirts, I had to post this pic, Quinn looks so disgruntled here!
Quinn's shirt said "It's All Gravy" 
Judah's said "Gobble til you Wobble"

The boys were showered with attention and love by their Uncle Will.... 
and their Mimi & Papa.... 
The boys got to play dress up and play in the toys while we tried to veg on the couch (you know with an almost 8 month old bebe in your belly and massive thanksgiving dinner in your belly, it's hard to move- I was wobbling even before I gobbled!) 
Auntie Rebecca was the accomodating "jungle gym" for the boys as they pulled her around and climbed on top of her. :) 
Toooooo many treats (no wonder they didn't want to sleep all weekend)! 
And lots of fun & laughs! What a perfect day!

Then it was time for decorating the tree!! 
The boys patiently waited until the tree was up before they started to "help" (which at this age you pray too many ornaments are not broken).... 
They did a really awesome job this year! So good I think maybe they should attempt to take it all apart while I lay on the couch! I mean, chips & breaks in all the decor just makes it more rustic- right? 
Love the tongue out. Such a Sherman trait. 
And the wonderful hubby, and wonderful Clemson fan.... 
Even though they disappointed SO badly this weekend! 
And special christmas movie night with our sweet friends while G was away at the game..... 
I love this picture of the boys, Quinn's face is hilarious. Beth's boys smile so nicely for the camera, but my boys are doing fake smile and snarling or whatever.....

But what a wondeful weekend, with wonderful friends & family... I know I've said it before, and hopefully I tell you special people often, but I am so blessed by you & am sooooo grateful and thankful for you!!  I hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend!

And most of all I am thankful for my amazing husband, who loves me despite my hormones and my two precious monkeys (and my sweet baby girl too) who make me so happy & filled with love, I could just burst!


Julie said...

Quinn's sock on his hands totally made me laugh. Kids are so funny! Guillermo's turkey looks crispy & dee-licious (as Devon would say!). You and Beth will soon look like a full daycare when you get all 6 kids together!! :)

Love, Julie

Home school Mom said...

awww....Happy Thanksgiving!!! Looks like you had a GREAT Thanksgiving with lots of food! The turkey looks yummy! We cooked a 24 pound turkey! Yum! Yum! ;)
I'm glad you were able to spend some fun time with family and rest and relax! Almost Christmas and you can do it again! Yay! :D