Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fair! Woot Woot!

There are certain traditions that we look forward to all year long... having food fest at the Fair each fall with the Quintons is one of these great traditions......

This year was a whole new experience as both kids were able to ride the kiddie rides!

Quinn wasn't sure if he was excited or scared!

This is one of those moments that you realize you truly have as much or more fun watching your kids have a blast on rides than riding them yourself (coming from a ride ADDICT too, as a kid, I was ready to catipult myself out of the moving car just driving into Cedar Point as a kid, waiting in line was like torture, but now as a big ol' pregnant adult, I am thankful for that little time to slow down & take a break. Lol)

Despite Quinn's hesitation, he LOVED the rides. Judah takes after me 100 %- the faster/higher/more whip-lash-creating/death defying the ride is, the better! 

Judah's favorite was the "swinging carousel that goes really, really fast and really, really high" - good choice Judah, those were always some of my favorites too! (poor Quinn was too short for that one).. 
Quinn's favorite was the kiddie alligator rollercoaster and the animals. That boy is still obsessed with animals, he's just to sweet for words!  Thanks to Uncle James & Auntie Elizabeth for carrying two heavy boys around to show them the animals!
Ahhhhh, fried fair food, it makes us all so happy! 
Gmo dreams about fair turkey legs!
We love Gavin & Dante so much, even though they are cool teenagers now, they are still sweet & loving, esp with the boys (who LOVE them).
I'll leave you with the 7 month bump! Now mind you, this is pre-fair food, so it probably grew about 10 inches after that!


Mrs Woo said...

Aww! Looks like you guys had so much fun! J&E look amazing as always! I'm also digging the boy's hats, they are the coolest kids EVER.

p.s. we just put a tree up in the shop that I found for £5 in a charity shop, it's really nice actually! And Elvis is crooning Christmas carols at me. With the cold & dark weather outside & Christmas goodness inside you'd be in heaven here today!

Julie said...

I want an elephant ear right now! I know the boys were in heaven and hopefully the slept like babies after a full night of food and excitement. Love their NY hats!!


Home school Mom said...

That looks like an AWESOME time! I love that you all are so happy with the fair fried food! ha ha! ;) Your baby pump is awesome! I can barely see it! Lookin good! How exciting!!! :D

Home school Mom said...

I'd love an "inspiration board"!!! Sign me UP! :D
Betsy :)