Sunday, November 20, 2011

Everything is coming up Orange & Purple!

The same way I have dreamed about having kids all my life to do Christmas with them, to do family traditions with them and to play with them, snuggle them, I know Guillermo has dreamt about having sons to take to Clemson football games.  So this year Guillermo and Judah had a special weekend and went to the Clemson vs. Wake Forest game.

Judah was in Heaven. I know Guillermo was too. They had awesome tail gating, right down the way from Death Valley.
Thanks to our sweet friend Scott & his wife who took such good care of my boys that weekend and opened their home!
Guillermo + Meat + Clemson  = Happiness to the Nth degree
Corn Hoooooole! All that practise at Uncle James & Auntie E's house has been great for Judah's skeelz.
This much orange is the only thing that rivals what I see when I look in my husband's closet.  
Guillermo wanted Judah to have the eagles eye view of the stadium, and they got tickets at the VERY top! (which I like- CHEAP). LOL.

And later in the week, Guillermo took Quinn to the Clemson vs. Citedal basketball game.

Quinn looks really concerned about what's going on in the game, but I bet he was thinking about which snack he wanted at half time. 
Celebrating 2 wins! Unfortunately no smiles this weekend when Clemson played like POOP.

We got to see some of our sweet friends who moved to Virginia....
The Robinsons! They look like a cute couple on a honeymoon, that must be the look of  "we're kid free for the weekend". :) 
The McBrides came out and met us too. It's awesome to catch up with friends! 
And if seeing the Robinson's wasn't great enough, they brought our baby girl two giant bags of clothes that'll fit her for almost 2 years! What a major blessing! Thanks so much guys!! 
Judah thinks he looks so Kool in his sunglasses......  
And I'm all smiles too this week cause this week OFFICIALLY starts the holidays and the loveliness of the holidays! I hope it's MAGIC for all of us! And goes by slowly..... 


Home school Mom said... fun is that? I love when little boys and their daddies can go to ballgames together. Nothin better for making memories with those little guys. Looks like lots of fun! Not sure I love the color combo....but....ha ha....awesome family moment! ;))

Julie said...

Love seeing the boys rocking their orange and purple! T-I-G-E-RRRRR-S! G could not look happier, grilling and chillin outside Death Valley! Maybe one day all our boys can watch a Clemson football game together and you and I and Viviana can have a spa day. :)