Monday, October 3, 2011

That's How Ruff Ryders Roll!

Wouldn't that be so funny if I had a voice like DMX. That'd be so unexpected. It would've been perfect when I was a cop! LOL.

Do you have those ideas that you always think of at the worst moment, like on your ride to work on Monday morning and then by the time you can make it happen, like saturday, you don't remember the idea? Well, for weeks I've been wanting to take the boys somewhere new to ride their bikes. So, finally after we BUSTED OUR TAILS all weekend switching the boys to the playroom, to make room for our little girl in the boy's room, I thought THIS is the time to take the boys out biking. So even though it was sunset on sunday at the very tail end of our weekend, we ventured out in the delicious chilly-ness that has overtaken Charleston
(I am in Heaven, I think I love the cold weather more than I love my own children. JUST KIDDING!!).

Here's how our ruff ryders roll!

Guillermo reliving his childhood (thank God for strong Radio Flyer brand big wheels). 
Monkey see, monkey do, of course.

I love this picture! Look at that sky.

Almost 6 month bump.

If you're looking for some awesome shirts, like this Beastie Boys one, and Dia De Los Muertos, check out my friend's Etsy shop:

And this is the hard work:
Found these amazing bunk beds, on my Favorite shopping place: Craigslist, for $85! And Gmo painted a new coat of paint.

And here is the rest of the room, it may not look like a lot of work, but converting a FULL playroom into a half playroom/half bedroom took lots of work! The only thing left to do is paint the walls where we had to spackle all the shelving and pics that were there previously!

Can you believe I filled 3 hefty bags full of toys, 2 hefty bags of books & three huge piles of clothes from their current closets just to merge the two rooms? Unbelievable!
This closet was a storage unit for our family for the past 6 years. I think I pulled out a room's full of stuff out of this one closet alone. Ahhh, serenity now.

And look at that big empty closet waiting to be filled with bebe girl stuff! So excited!

So, that's like phase 1-3 of about 7 finished before bebe girl comes, keep posted for more renovations! :)


Julie said...

Love all the new pics! Now you can really see what a difference your new camera makes. Especially capturing the sunset - those are cool pics. And you look great in your 6-month bump pic too!

The boys room turned out so great! What perfect bunk beds. I think Guillermo should paint that dresser now - it should be the same dark grey as the bunk beds and then paint those metal handles white. That would look so amazing! I'm sure if he reads this, he's gonna want to punch me in the face. :)


Robinson Family said...

Well done! You are the organizing queen! I will have LOTS of girl stuff for you mama so make room! Seriously. I have one bag already...a large bag. Looks good Solers! Well done G-mo on the beds.

Home school Mom said...

First things first....LOVE the baby bump! :D You're so cute!
Very impressed with all the organizations going on over there! NICE! Everything looks like it is put in it's place and I love the boys room! I'm sure they love it a lot! Yah for productive weekends! It all looks very nice and is coming together!
Glad you got a little downtime with the boysees too! :))
Betsy ;)