Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall in Love with Fall

Now, I DO love fall, and if fall would only come & STAY.. I guess I should just be thankful it was cold enough this morning to wear a long sleeved shirt & to have our windows open at night...... although yesterday at the fall festival, I did get a sunburn and was sweating (I'll try to forget that part)....

I haven't posted our activies for a long time, because the boys work out of curriculum books now, but for the holidays, we do every possible holiday themed craft out there! Jack-o-lantern, cats and fall wreathes made out of paper plates, ghost bag puppets, corn & spider construction paper (thank God for such a creative & artistic nanny).... OR if you don't feel like getting the supplies, they have awesome $1 fall crafts at AC Moore (see the top black cat & pumpkin)...
I LOOOOOVE fall fairs. #1- they are free,  #2- they are usually PERFECT for younger kids,  #3- they are free.... wait, did I say that?  My work- the City of Hanahan throws a great fall festival, and several of our friends came out: Auntie Beth & the boys! 
Lemme tell you how awesome it is to add "flutes" to our toy box (that make a high pitched Squeeeeeaaaaaak). Thanks City of Hanahan. ;) 
The boys got to get their faces painted. Shhh, don't tell Guillermo but Quinn wanted to get the "rooster" on his cheek (which was actually a Gamecock)- of course I convinced him to do his next favorite choice so not to break his Dad's heart. 
I love the bat, and I love how the lady asked if Judah wanted it sparkly and OF COURSE he did. LOL.
The McBrides! On the hayride where our "scary" adventure was to scare away the 17 foot alligator named Cory at the Resevoir (and yes, we had a LOT more than Cory to worry about, our last Council meeting they said there are estimated 285 adult alligators in that resevoir!!!) Luckily they don't seem to come out of the water and bother people a lot...
Our friend Scott let the boys play in his "race car" (his awesome '73 Corvette)- the boys were in Heaven! 
They think they're the Turbo Dogs! 
We got to celebrate Ivan & Kat's new awesome house with their house-warming party! 
It's the best feeling in the world to watch your friends & family love & dote on your kids. The boys LOVE  Masie! 
And Adam!  
And the boys must've thought they were so cool this weekend when they got to "drive" not only a race car but also their Tio's Harley! You know Judah is imagining flying down the street right here! Vroom vroom! 
Fall days are HAPPY days to me, I just can't get enough fall. I just wish I were in Michigan right now....
it really is the most amazing place in the world to be in the fall, and it is my goal to get there someday to show Guillermo & the boys!


Home school Mom said...

Yah! Fall! :) The fall festival looks like so much fun! :) You will have to come to MI for a will not get a sunburn and will need 5 blankets and 3 coats. :D
Betsy ;)

bethdavidandtheboys said...

Love the adorable fall crafts on your board! What sweet memories to save and cherish for years to come! Fall is so fun!